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As you can imagine, I have quite the makeup collection. Although I love a great eyeshadow palette, I am a big fan of face palettes too. In fact, I have a whole YouTube video dedicated to the Sephora Pro Face Palette and how you can do an entire face of makeup with one palette (you can watch it here!).There’s just something about a great multi use “grab and go” palette. Maybe it’s because it makes me think of traveling. Or maybe it’s because it makes me feel like more of a minimalist (which of course I am not in the slightest). But the new Sephora Collection Trio Face Palette sure makes me feel like I am!

Collection Trio Face Palette Review Gleam

The Sephora Collection Trio Face Palette is $15 and comes in 4 color ways. Each palette includes two highlighters and a blush. Whereas most face palettes include a contour shade, I’m not mad that these palettes only include blush and highlighter. For one, I think contour is way more personal than blush and highlight. For example, I have cool undertones, so most contour shades don’t work for me. So I’m glad 1/3 of this palette won’t go unused with an unflattering shade.

Collection Trio Face Palette Gleam, Empower, Radiate, Dare - Review

Another awesome thing about this face palette is the four color ways. Gleam (the shade I have) is a soft and icy pink. Radiate includes apricot, peach, and bronze shades. Dare contains coral, peach, and gold hues. And Empower has berry, rose gold, and copper shades. Each of the four palettes are gorgeous and versatile, so you’re sure to find one that suits your coloring and preferences.

Collection Trio Face Palette Gleam, Empower, Radiate, Dare - Swatches and Review

Additionally, I have to take a minute to talk about the quality of the Sephora Collection products in general. Yes, just like with every line, some products are misses. However, the Sephora Collection products are usually top of the line. I’m obsessed with their cream liquid lip stain and it’s one of my all time favorite liquid lip formulas. Plus it comes in almost 100 shades. And their pencil and liquid eyeliners, lip glosses, contour shades are all awesome. They come in incredible shade ranges with equally incredible prices. Don’t sleep on the Sephora Collection!

Collection Trio Face Palette Gleam Review

Overall ranking (out of 5)
Sephora Collection Trio Face Palette – 4.5 –
I’d have to see the shades on other skin tones, but the quality is awesome and the shades, payoff, and wear are all similar to my prestige blush and highlighters.


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