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As a devoted Pat McGrath Addict, I am always excited to hear when the Mother of Makeup is launching something new. Not only does she do amazing things with color, but she is always creating products to help us look and feel our best. After all, I may never be a Hollywood Starlet walking down a red carpet, but I can sure pretend I am doing just that as I walk around the mall or the grocery store wearing my PMG products. In addition to her recent foundation, setting powder, and makeup primer launch, Mother is back with her latest additions to the Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection System. Last month they launched the new Pat McGrath Labs Concealer, Concealer Brush, and Blurring Under Eye Setting Powder.

Pat McGrath Labs Concealer, Foundation, Blurring Under Eye Powder, Makeup Primer, Concealer Brush, Setting Powder, LM8

Concealer – $32

Pat McGrath Labs Concealer in L6 and LM8

First let’s talk about the star of the show – the Concealer. The concealer is $32 and comes in 36 shades. At first, I was concerned about which shade to get since my local Sephora does not carry Pat McGrath Labs in store. Since I already have the foundation in LM8, I assumed the concealer LM8 would be an exact match (top in the picture above) but I also ordered two shades lighter – L6 (bottom in the picture above). I wanted to order a lighter shade as I generally use a lighter shade of concealer under my eyes for a little extra brightening.

However, after swatching and testing both LM8 and L6, I actually prefer the LM8 for both complexion concealing and under eye concealing. As you can see in the swatches below, the LM8 foundation and concealer are an exact match. However, L6 (bottom in picture below) looks a bit more pink/gray in comparison to the LM8 foundation (top in picture below)

Pat McGrath Labs Concealer in L6 and LM8 compared to Pat McGrath Labs foundation in LM8

After blending the above swatches a bit to create the below picture, you can see the shades of LM8 and L6 aren’t that different once blended. Both did look great under my eyes, but the difference wasn’t enough to justify needing two separate shades. Overall, I love the LM8 and love that it is a perfect match for blemishes and under my eyes. Although the color match was great, the concealer did crease a bit on my under eyes. But almost every concealer creases under my eyes, so that was no surprise.

Pat McGrath Labs Concealer compared to foundation LM8 and L6

Before we switch products, I want to take a minute to talk about this packaging. At first sight, this concealer is a show stopper. The minimalist packaging is absolutely gorge and would look incredible on any makeup vanity or in any makeup bag. Plus, the packaging is super substantial to hold because it is glass. Which feels so heavy and expensive and luxurious. And then I had a flash to the time I dropped a glass perfume roller ball and it shattered and I spilled broken perfume all over myself and the bathroom floor. And then I very carefully put the concealer back into its box.

Blurring Under Eye Setting Powder – $30

Pat McGrath Labs Blurring Under Eye Powder in Light

Next up – Blurring Under Eye Setting Powder. This powder is $30 and comes in 3 shades – Light (pictured), Medium, and Deep. First of all, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. What is this? A mirror for ants?! Honestly, I think I would like this packaging more without the mirror. For one thing, it’s so tiny you can’t really use it. Second of all, for $30, I’m either going to need something amazing, or at least a package appropriate sized mirror.

As for the product itself, the Blurring Under Eye Setting Powder is super silky and soft. In fact, even just brushing up against the product will give you a nice layer of powder on your hand (or clothes. oops). It is silky and smooth and feels great on the skin.

Concealer Brush – $32

Pat McGrath Labs Concealer Brush compared to a Morphe eyeshadow brush

Last but not least is the new Concealer Brush. This Concealer Brush is $32. It’s also half the size of a regular brush. (Shown above in comparison to a regular size Morphe eyeshadow brush.) I know this won’t bother some people. But I felt like I was doing my makeup with a golf pencil. Part of what creates a great makeup look and awesome blending abilities is the way you leverage and hold the brush. In fact, you’re supposed to hold the brush more toward the end of the handle – not the front side by the bristle part. However, with this little brush you don’t really have a choice.

Also, I felt that the firm, short, and dense bristles made the brush harder to clean than others. I was afraid I was going to mess up the bristles while I was trying to wash the product out. Although I did use the brush like Mother suggests and mimicked “tapping” in my concealer like the brush was a fingertip and it did work really well. So if you don’t mind using a shorter handled brush or having a little bit of patience when you clean your brushes, the application of the concealer with this brush was actually quite nice. I do love the concept.

Pat McGrath Labs Concealer, Foundation, Blurring Under Eye Powder, LM8

Overall rankings (out of 5 total):

Concealer – 4 – Glass bottle is lovely but I’m afraid of dropping it and the product did crease a little bit (but, again, most concealers crease on me).
Blurring Under Eye Setting Powder – 3.5 – Expensive and I wish the mirror was bigger.
Concealer Brush – 3 – Handle is too short to hold comfortably and the short bristles are difficult to clean.

Honestly, I usually love everything Mother does. Although all of her products are expensive, they are usually worth the money. For example, I absolutely swear by the Lust: Gloss and would shout it from the roof tops (you can read the full review here.) However, these new products were just a little “eh” for me.

What do you think of the new Pat McGrath Labs Concealer, Blurring Under Eye Setting Powder, and Concealer Brush? Are any of these products on your list? Let me know in the comments below.


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