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My love of Pat McGrath and Pat McGrath Labs is well documented on this blog. Although part of my job is to stay on top of new product launches, there are a lot of products I decide not to purchase, seek out, or review. Sometimes I wait to see what other people think. Other times, I just have a gut feeling the launch isn’t going to be that hot. However, that’s not the case with PMG products. In fact, I’m always the first in line to see what Mother has cooked up for us next. This time, Pat McGrath is bringing us next level sparkle in the new OpuLUST Gloss.

Pat McGrath Labs OpuLUST Gloss Review

Available at both PatMcGrath’s website and Sephora, OpuLUST: Gloss comes in 8 shades and is $30 each. However, 3 of the shades (Glowing Garnet, Naked Rose, and Under Your Spell) are PMG exclusives so only 5 shades (Lavendaring, Bronze Seductress, Venomistress, Dreamscape, and Coraliason) are available at Sephora. Not only that, but on the Pat McGrath Labs website, you can get a duo, trio, or the whole set!

Pat McGrath Labs OpuLUST Gloss Review Swatches

(OpuLUST shades from left to right: Naked Rose, Under Your Spell, Coraliason, Dreamscape, Venomistress, Bronze Seductress, Lavendaring.
Shade missing: Glowing Garnet)

As for the formula, the new OpuLUST: Gloss is creamy, glossy, and jam packed full of sparkle. Surprisingly, the texture isn’t gritty at all. Honestly, it just feels like a silky smooth gloss. Moreover, it has a really great scent too. Overall, the new formula seems more like a lip gloss / liquid lipstick hybrid than a straight up gloss. In fact, I liked it better on its own than layered over a lipstick. Consequently, if you layer it over a lipstick, the lipstick does tend to dull the OpuLUST sparkle a bit.

Pat McGrath Labs OpuLUST Gloss Review

Although I am super excited about the new OpuLUST: Gloss, I was curious about one thing. How does the new OpuLUST formula compare to the Lust: Gloss? (You can read my full review of the Lust: Gloss here.) They have the same packaging, and both are sparkle glosses – so what makes OpuLUST special? One big difference is that the new OpuLUST: Gloss only comes in one finish – Sparkle! However, the Lust: Gloss comes in three – High Shine, Shimmer, and Glitter.

Pat McGrath Labs OpuLUST Gloss Review - Lust gloss vs opulust gloss swatches

(Left: Lust Gloss Glitter Finish Swatches
Right: OpuLUST Gloss Swatches)

Once I compared OpuLUST: Gloss in Under Your Spell to Lust: Gloss in Pale Fire Nectar, the difference was quite obvious. OpuLUST is basically Lust on steroids. Instead of having a clear base full of glitter, OpuLUST is just practically liquid glitter. Needless to say, it’s going to give you full impact shine with very little effort.

Pat McGrath Labs OpuLUST Gloss Review - Lust gloss vs opulust gloss swatches

(Top swatch/right gloss: Pat McGrath Lust Gloss in Pale Fire Nectar.
Bottom swatch/left gloss: Pat McGrath OpuLUST Gloss in Under Your Spell.)

Overall, I think the OpuLUST glosses are so beautiful and a great addition to the Pat McGrath Labs family. Especially for people who love the Blitztrance glitter lipsticks or the original Lust 004 glitter lips but want an easier (and more wearable) application. Honestly, they’re actually a lot more wearable than they look. For example, I’m wearing Naked Rose in the pictures above and it’s super flattering and not at all over the top. However, some shades will look a little more unnatural than others, so they’re probably better suited for a night out than a trip to the grocery store.

Pat McGrath Labs OpuLUST Gloss Review

However intense you prefer your glitter, don’t forget to let your inner beauty shine. After all, there’s only one you in this world and you brighten the lives of more people than you know. So don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.


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