As I mentioned in my Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows review, I’m a big fan of innovation. Especially when it comes to the beauty world. I mean, I love a great traditional beauty product as much (if not more!) as the next girl, but there are only so many ways to make a black mascara. So a company getting out there and creating something new is exciting! With that in mind, Tati Westbrook (of YouTube fame and creator of Tati Beauty) has been teasing a “game changing new product” for months. Although I was really hoping for a cool toned follow up to the OG Volume 1 Textured Neutrals palette (full review here), it was announced that the new product would be called “Blendiful”.

Tati Beauty Blendiful Review

The Blendiful is a multi use microfiber makeup application product. It is $18 and includes two pieces – the full size Blendiful and a Baby Blendiful. Although at this time, you can’t buy each piece separately – they only come as a set. At first, I was kind of on the fence. After all, I’m a huge fan of my Beauty Blender and I wasn’t so sure about replacing it with a sponge type product. However, after watching Tati’s launch video and seeing all of the different ways you could use this new little addition, my interest was piqued.

Tati Beauty Blendiful Review


Tati Beauty Blendiful vs Beauty Blender, Beauty Blender Puff, Laura Mercier Puff, and Makeup Eraser

At first glance, a lot of people are comparing the Blendiful to the Beauty Blender, Beauty Blender Power Pocket Puff, Laura Mercier Puff, and even the Makeup Eraser. First off, let me tell you that the Blendiful is NOTHING like putting your makeup on with a Makeup Eraser (I tried it). For one thing, the Makeup Eraser has no support or “give” when applying. It also absolutely does not blend anything. It does smoosh the makeup around a bit, but I was left looking like a patchy streaky mess. No thank you! Next up, let’s discuss the Laura Mercier Puff. This product is not designed to apply liquid products and is mostly used to apply setting powder or used as a buffer between your fingers and a freshly made face while applying other products.

Beauty Blender and Beauty Blender Puff

Now onto the Beauty Blender products. The BB Power Pocket Puff is also made to apply and touch up powder products. It is a little more versatile than the Laura Mercier Puff, due to its shape and the fact that it is two sided. However, I never find myself reaching for it. On the other hand, I use my Beauty Blender every day. Not to mention it’s Mila’s favorite makeup tool. Girl loves herself some lip gloss, skincare, and a Beauty Blender.

Practical Application

Tati Beauty Blendiful Review and Textured Neutrals palette

In order to really test the Blendiful, I did my full face (minus eyeshadow) with the Blendifuls. First, I applied MAC Paint Pot as my eyeshadow primer. I didn’t like the way the Blendiful worked with the Paint Pot. It felt like the product stuck to the fabric and not to my skin. Then I finished my eyeshadow with my regular brushes and moved to skincare. I used the Blendiful to apply my Good Molecules Primer and Supergoop sunscreen. Normally I would do this with my hands. However, I really liked the way the Blendiful applied both products.

Tati Beauty Blendiful Review

Next, I went in with foundation. I used Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Foundation since it is so full coverage and would show any streaking or issues. Surprisingly, it blended super well! By using little sweeping brush strokes and some tapping motions, my foundation went on smoothly and easily. Although there was a bit of a learning curve regarding how to hold the Blendiful. Once foundation was done, there wasn’t a lot left on the Blendiful and it dried so quickly that it did not impact the rest of my application. After foundation, I applied setting powder under my eyes with the Baby Blendiful. Honestly, the Baby Blendiful picked up a lot of product. I felt like it made the application a bit cakey and heavy handed for my preferences. However, if you’re all about baking and a big dose of setting powder, this might be your new fave.

For contour and blush I went back to the full size. The way the Blendiful applied powder products was actually very impressive. Everything was so smooth and blended without much effort. However, I did go back with a bit more blush on a brush to get a tad more color, as the original application was a bit too light. Last but not least, I used the Baby Blendiful for my highlight. The size, shape, and application were all perfect.

Final Thoughts

Tati Beauty Blendiful Review and Textured Neutrals palette

Overall, I really enjoyed applying my makeup with the Blendiful. I do prefer the full size over the baby Blendiful. However, I do like the baby one for under eye touchups and other makeup fixes. Plus it’s just so cute! I like the size of the full size Blendiful and how you can use each of the different sides, corners, and angles. The size and shape are not only perfect for application, but also for touchups. It will come in handy this summer to blot off sweat and any makeup melt issues. Another huge benefit the Blendiful has over the Beauty Blender is that you don’t have to wet it. I almost always do my makeup away from a sink, so I really hate having to stop and get up just to wet the Beauty Blender.

There you go! Those are my thoughts on the Tati Beauty Blendiful and how it compares to the most commonly identified “similar” products. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below! Just don’t forget that no matter what you use to apply your makeup – whether it’s with your hands, brushes, sponges, etc. – it’s not the application method, the products, or the process that makes you beautiful. It’s the way you feel about yourself and the way you share your light and your gifts with the world. After all, happy girls are the prettiest.


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