Like I said in my last post (2019 Sephora Best Sellers), two things get me feeling super nostalgic – my birthday, and the end of the year. Whenever I sit down to write a post, I always want to give you The Best Post Ever. So combine my good intentions with my end of year nostalgia, and it was actually really hard to figure out what to write today. At first I wanted to share my 19 favorite things from 2019. But once I started writing, I realized how long a post of 19 things and explanations would be. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Then, I was thinking “what about 19 awesome things that happened in 2019?” but that felt pretty conceited.

So, instead I decided to just share some of my highlights and favorite things from 2019. Because even though sharing some of my highlights might seem a bit self centered, they’re actually OUR highlights. Because I wouldn’t have successes if it weren’t for you and your support.

First, let’s start with a highlight – my YouTube channel! For those of you who prefer watching reviews and tutorials instead of reading them, this is right up your alley! Not only do I go a bit more in depth with my reviews and tutorials on YouTube, but sometimes there are even extra videos not featured on the blog.

Of course a list of my favorite things would not be complete without my beloved Birdies shoes. Actually, Birdies are both a highlight AND a favorite, because so many of you love them too! It makes me smile to see so many of you using my referral code, knowing you all now have happy feet too. It’s like having lots of little Birdies babies running around out there. I’m so proud. (Read my full review here or click this link to get the $20 off referral code.)

Another of my 2019 favorite things is my Madison Braids braided headband. You can read my full review here, but just know I wear this braid a few times a week and it’s my favorite “go to” product when I’m feeling less than put together. Plus my mom has one too and she gets compliments on it ALL the time.

Next we have the Too Faced Shake Your Palm Palms eyeshadow palette. This mini must have is perfect for any “on the go” occasion. From work to vacation, the Too Faced Shake Your Palm Palms palette has you covered. Not only is my blog review one of my top posts for 2019, but my YouTube video is my top viewed video ever!

While we’re on the topic of makeup, three additional favorite products from 2019 have to be the Kylie Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Glaze (review here), magnetic eyelashes (review here), and the Kaja Wink Stamp (review here). Of those three, the Kylie Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Glaze review has been one of my most popular posts. However, the Kaja Wink Stamp is one of my most watched YouTube videos and possibly one of my most favorite beauty products ever. Plus, it has been a great topic of conversation in my family anytime anyone sees someone on TV with great winged eyeliner. (ie. “Hey! She has great wings. Think she used a stamp?”)

Now let’s talk skincare. Over the past three years I’ve become that lady that gets up on her skincare soap box and tells everyone that will listen that they should be wearing sunscreen. Although I do use a TON of skincare products, almost all of them are tried and true products I’ve been using for a few years now. However, in 2019 I did discover and introduce a new skincare company into my lineup – Good Molecules. Good Molecules is an incredibly budget friendly skincare line full of serums and oils with all sorts of good ingredients and a fun personality. I’m a big fan of the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the facial oils.

Last but not least, one of my biggest highlights of 2019 is my newsletter! Each month I send out my favorite trends, some things to keep an eye on, some (hopefully) inspirational thoughts, and even a healthy seasonal recipe. Are you already subscribed? If not, you should fill out the form below to opt in. You absolutely do not want to miss what I have planned for 2020!

Overall, the new year is right around the corner. I keep hearing things like “There are only a few days left in the decade! What are you going to do with that time?” or “New Year, New Me!”. But really, what’s going to be different when you wake up on Jan 1, 2020? Nothing. You’re still going to be you. Each and every day you’ll wake up and have a new opportunity to be a better you. Not a new you. You’re the only you. That’s your magic. Now you just need to share your magic with the world. One day at a time. Here’s to 2020 and all of the blessings and opportunities it has in store for us. See you next year!


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