Although I generally only wear black clothes, every once in a while I branch out and wear color. Usually, that means white. Or off white. Maybe a gray or leopard print if I’m feeling crazy. However, there’s something about the holidays that always makes me want to wear red. Not only does red always make a statement, but it is one of my absolute favorite pops of color. Of course, there’s no better splash of red than on the bottom of a Christian Louboutin shoe.

Not only is red a powerful and bold hue, but it’s also one that generally looks great on everyone. With that in mind, sometimes you do have to pay attention to the undertones. I always prefer a blue red over an orange red. Especially when it comes to lipstick. A great blue red can even make your teeth look whiter. (More about red lipstick here.) Some people shy away from wearing such a bright color. But when it comes to the holidays, I say “the bolder the better”! And I’ve got some great picks for you regarding my favorite ways to wear read this holiday season.


How To Wear Red For The Holidays - Red clothes - Red dress

First up, let’s start with the obvious – clothes! Buffalo plaid is a huge trend again this year and can be found in everything from coats to shirts to umbrellas to pajamas. It’s a fun way to be festive and bold and yet casual and comfy. Of course you could be a total show stopper by wearing a red dress, red skirt, or red sequin anything to your holiday events. Another trend I’m loving is a great statement sleeve. I’m talking lace, ruffles, bell sleeves, balloon sleeves, and more! My dress in the picture above is from Lulu’s and can’t be included in the carousel but can be found here.


How To Wear Red For The Holidays - Red Accessories - Red Hat

Earrings and lipstick and shoes, oh my! Obviously my favorite way to wear red for the holidays is accessories. As you already know, I’m a huge fan of a pop of color, and an even bigger fan of a red lip. So of course I’m wearing everything from red lipstick and earrings and shoes to scarves and coats and hats too. One great thing about all of the amazing red accessory options is that you can even wear more than one! Red lipstick and red shoes? Yes please! What about a red hat and red scarf? Totally! Just make sure your pieces are all the same shade or at least really close. (Back to that blue red / orange red thing again.)

For The Guys

Of course I can’t forget the guys. Red is a super easy color for guys to wear for the holidays. Throw on a buffalo plaid button down or a nice red sweater and your man is sure to look both festive and good. Not only that, but with so many great options, red is a great color to incorporate into your family holiday photos as well. It will bring a bold festive vibe and it’s an easy color story to work with when picking the rest of the family’s clothes too!

Plus, if both Santa AND Oprah are into red for the holidays, I think we’re in pretty great company!


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