Before I start Christmas shopping, I create a list of who I have to buy presents for, what my budget is for each person, and if I have any gift ideas for them. And every year, I find the girls so much easier to shop for than the boys. As a beauty blogger, it’s really easy for me to find great gifts for all my girls. Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of gifts I can get the men in my life at Sephora, and I think Mila knows her way around Home Depot and Menards better than I do. So when I decided to create a list of the best gifts for him, I called in reinforcements.

Usually when shopping for my dad and brother (Michael – pictured below), I look for the most obscure and funny gifts I can find. Like Starwars pajamas or a clock with math problems as the numbers for my dad and anything camo or deer or pig themed for my brother. Luckily, Michael came to my rescue with this post and gave me some great ideas to share with you guys. Otherwise you’d all end up with a gift guide full of dad jokes and other random things I find humorous.

First up, we have everything from Badass Beard Care. Of course beards are totally on trend right now (for men anyway), and I love nothing more than combining a trend with a beauty product and self care. Badass Beard Care has products ranging from beard oils and balms to accessories and even vitamins. Not only can you buy the products individually or in curated bundles, but you can even get a subscription and have products automatically delivered while getting an extra discount and free samples of new scents. Plus, Badass Beard Care is a veteran owned company that uses all-natural and high quality ingredients (full list here).

Gifts for him - Badass Beard Care products

Although I’m the blogger in the family, Michael wanted me to share a few Badass Pro Tips with you guys. First, he uses the oil and then follows it up with a mixture consisting of half wax / half balm. Creating a bit of a “beard care smoothie” if you will. Secondly, he recommends getting the “Secret Agent” sent beard wax. That way no matter how many different scents of beard oil you have, you can always use the same unscented wax. Last but not least, you can even order a free sample! (You do have to pay $1.95 shipping.) If you order anything from BABC, don’t forget to use Michael’s referral code “ASCENSIO89336“.

gifts for him - groove wedding bands
Photo cred: @groovelife Instagram

Next we have the Groove Wedding Band. Honestly, this silicone ring is perfect for so many different types of husbands. Is your hubby a gym rat? A hunter? Does he work with machinery? Check, check, check. Although I totally understand how uncomfortable a metal ring feels against gym equipment, I kind of get a little queasy thinking about all of the issues a metal ring can cause during hunting or workplace accidents. So I’m just going to move on past that before things get too dark. Just know that the Groove band is one of those great gifts for him that will keep him stylish and all of his fingers safe.

Of course as you know from the intro of this post, I’m a huge fan of custom, creative, or clever presents. For example, if your man is a fan of craft cocktails, you could get him whiskey rocks, a decanter, or monogrammed barware. Likewise, if your guy is more about experiences, you could get him tickets to the big game or concert, a couples massage, a cooking class, or something with more adrenaline like indoor skydiving or an escape room. Similarly, some of my favorite gifts from past years have been custom coffee mugs and t-shirts with silly sayings or puns. For example, last Christmas my brother announced that they were having a baby with a sweatshirt that said “Best Buckin’ Dad Ever” with deer antlers on it.

Last but not least, we all know guys who are big fans of potty humor. And these last few ideas are full of sh*t. (Don’t worry, this post is almost over – just roll with it.) Ok, that’s enough with the bathroom puns, I’m pooped. Although this is all about gifts for him, this next idea is actually a gift for you too. Of course I’m talking about a bottle of Poo-Pourri. While some people like to think their sh*t don’t stink, everyone can benefit from Poo-Pourri. Especially when you have to share a bathroom with others. Plus they come in man-themed sets like “Master Crapsman” and “Gone Flushin'”. And you can even get travel sized minis for your upcoming vacations.

Two more great bathroom themed gifts are a Squatty Potty and Dude Wipes. That way he’ll be more comfortable while he’s doing his business. Or while he’s really just in there watching the game or checking Facebook.

Happy gifting!


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