As you probably already know from my “Holiday Party Dress Inspiration” post, my gift wrapping and bow tying tutorials, and all of my gift guides, I am a HUGE fan of the holidays. But one of my absolute favorite things of all is holiday party glam time. I love putting on a great playlist and just experimenting with makeup and creating a really show stopping party look. Although I haven’t been a huge fan of some of 2019’s makeup trends (rainbow makeup, I’m looking at you), I’m a big fan of the hottest holiday makeup trends. With inspiration from old Hollywood to new television, these beauty looks are sure to make you the belle of the holiday ball.

Holiday makeup trends - classic red lip and winged eyeliner

First I have to go with the obvious – a classic glam eye, winged liner, and red lip. This look is an absolute must have for any beauty lovers repertoire. Not only does this look go with just about any outfit, but it can be worn at just about any occasion or venue. Honestly, it really is hard to go wrong with winged liner and a classic red lip. Personally, I like keeping my eye makeup very neutral with a light cream shade on my lid and a light caramel or chocolate brown shade in my crease. Just enough to give some definition, but not take away any of the attention. One of my favorite red lipsticks is Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Always Red. However, if you’re not a liquid lip kind of gal, MAC Cosmetics Russian Red is a beloved favorite.

Holiday makeup trends - colored eyeliner - blue eyeliner Urban Decay Roxy and Spandex

Next, we have my latest obsession – colored eyeliner. I am absolutely obsessed with how much colored eyeliner can change a look. Plus, it’s the perfect pop of color for an all black ensemble. Not only that, but it’s a great way to add just a bit of an edge if you don’t want to be too over the top. Moreover, you can use absolutely any color. In fact, Urban Decay has an entire line of amazing colored eyeliners with shimmer, matte, and glitter shades. For this look I used Urban Decay eyeliner in Roxy and topped it with the Urban Decay Heavy Metal eyeliner in Spandex for a little extra glitter. Because in my world, nothing is too over the top, and there is never too much glitter.

Holiday makeup - rhinestones

Finally, the latest addition to my favorite holiday makeup trends is anything with rhinestones. Of course this trend is rooted in the HBO series Euphoria who’s makeup took the beauty world by storm. However, I don’t think you have to be an angsty teen to rock the rhinestone makeup trend. Especially for the holidays! Although this looks super exotic, I really just glued rhinestones (purchased from Amazon) onto my face with lash glue. Honestly, it’s a really easy thing to do by yourself and simple way to look festive and fun. However if you want to do something more complicated like rhinestone eyeliner, I’d advise you to phone a friend for assistance. It’s hard to get everything lined up properly with your eyes closed.

Last but not least, I do want to give an “honorable mention” to the Glitter Lips trend. I’m a fan of glitter lips and own a few glitter lipsticks and of course a ton of glitter glosses. Although it’s a great look both in person and in photographs, glitter lips are a bit more difficult IRL. You have to be careful about smudging, transferring, reapplying, and of course getting lipstick on your teeth. But if you’re carefree and just want an easy way to spice up your holiday glam, glitter lips are a great trend too.

What do you think? Which holiday makeup trend is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you have a wonderful, glamorous, and safe holiday party season!


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