Generally, I find it easier to buy Christmas presents for my family than for my friends. For some reason, I feel like friend presents have higher stakes than family presents. I guess I feel like they need to be even more personal and perfect. Even though I know a good friend wouldn’t judge me for my good or bad gifting skills. However, if you also find gift giving to be stressful, or need a little inspiration, I’ve come up with some great ideas to help you find the perfect gifts for your best friend.

To make things easy, I’ve split up this gift guide into three types of friends – The Stressed Friend, The Traveling Friend, and The Sentimental Friend.

The Stressed Friend

First, let’s start with The Stressed Friend. This gal is probably the overachiever of all overachievers. She always aims to be the best and do the most. Which is why she needs your help to take a minute for herself. As you already know from my “Gifts To Give Yourself To Make The Holidays Easier” post, I love Makeup Erasers. Not only do they help keep your skin clear, but they also help keep landfills clear of makeup wipes. Plus, I found this super cute set of 7 mini Makeup Erasers that will help your friend do less laundry too!

Another great gift for your stressed out friend is a package of the new Ouai Chill Pills (or any other bath bomb, fizz, or soak). What’s better than a nice relaxing hot bath? Especially one that smells amazing. Of course another of my favorite gifts for your best friend is a Woodwick Candle. These candles are so sleek and classy. And when they burn they sound like a crackling fire. Surely a clean face, relaxing bath, and soothing candle sounds will help calm that overworked friend of yours.

The Traveling Friend

Next up I have some amazing gifts for the friend that’s always on the go. One thing I absolutely swear by when traveling is a packable tote. Not only is it great for running around town, but it also comes in super handy when you over-shop while you’re out of town. Unfold your extra tote, and you’re ready to go! Another gift that your wanderlust friend will love is a S’well reusable water bottle. They are perfect for staying hydrated and environmentally friendly. Plus, if your traveling friend is super fancy, they now have champagne flutes, tumblers, and even really huge 64 oz S’well bottles. Although I don’t know how easy that would be to lug around all day.

The Sentimental Friend

Last but not least, we have the sentimental friend. For this friend, I love anything customizable. One of my favorite gifts for your best friend is something that reflects the two of you. Whether that is of a memory, or your actual likenesses. Melsys Illustrations makes really cute prints of two besties doing all sorts of different things from sipping red holiday cups of coffee, to yoga, to playing in the autumn leaves, to sharing a pizza. Honestly, she’s one of my favorite artists and I have a ton of her prints. LadieKatie also does cute illustrations that include puppies AND besties. If you want something even more personal and customizable, I love photo coasters. You can an add your own favorite pictures and memorable occasions and they’re a perfect gift for a trip down memory lane.

Of course the holidays aren’t about presents. But rather, being present. Maybe the perfect gifts for your best friend aren’t on this list at all. Maybe it’s a coffee date or a handwritten note sharing how much they mean to you. Sometimes being there for someone is all they really need.


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