In the past, I’ve talked about how much I dislike fall colors. To explain, there are just SO many oranges and mustard yellows and browns. None of which are “my colors”. However, this year I’ve realized that fall colors don’t have to be so blah! That’s why I’ve declared burgundy as November’s Color Of The Month. Burgundy is the perfect accent to fall colors, changing leaves, and cooler temps. Plus, it’s an incredible transition color as we move into the Holiday season. Although I’m a trend forecaster, I don’t like trends that are just a flash in the pan. I love trends that can last months or years. And burgundy fits that bill. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear burgundy this fall and Holiday season.


One of the most obvious ways to wear burgundy is in your wardrobe. Honestly, if you’re looking for family outfits for Christmas cards or family dinners, burgundy is a perfect base hue. It pairs perfectly with forest green, tan, black, white, and navy. (You can read more about my love for forest green here.) Plus a burgundy top is a really great basic to add patterned pieces like plaid or even my beloved tweed (more about tweed here.) I’ve even included a men’s shirt in my carousel roundup below as an example of how guys can wear this gorgeous shade too.


If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, burgundy makeup is a lot of fun. Although there aren’t as many products in this burgundy makeup carousel below, that’s because I was super picky about exactly WHAT shade of burgundy I wanted to include. Of course every shade has different undertones and burgundy is no different. It can pull purple, brown, and even red. However I really wanted to go with more of a cabernet/cranberry based burgundy, as I feel like it is the most flattering and the most “on trend” right now. For this look, I’m wearing the Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Fire Dancer and the Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Showgirl.


Of course you can always wear burgundy in your accessories. I’m a huge fan of buying trend colors in accessories and wearing them with your classic basics. That way you still get to be on trend, but you’re not spending a ton of money every time the fickle trend winds change. Plus, winter accessories are super fun because they include scarves and tights and knit headbands. And you can always accessories your holiday looks with some sassy shoes or a glam handbag.

However you decide to wear burgundy this season, you can’t go wrong. Not just because it’s a pretty color, but mostly because you’re so awesome.


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