Although I absolutely love Christmas shopping and buying gifts for the people I love, I actually find myself having more fun shopping for Mila. Who knew there were so many clever and funny toys and gadgets for dogs? However, there are just as many awesome gifts for dog lovers too. From clothes and toys to gifts that give back, here are some of my absolute favorite gifts for both dogs and dog lovers.

gift guide for dogs kong extra small animals - bear, duck, and turtle

First up, let’s start with the dogs. Mila is a picky puppy. Honestly, I have no idea where that comes from. Although she only weighs 8 lbs, she can destroy a toy like a big dog. With this in mind, I have to be very discerning when choosing her toys to avoid wasting money. Lately, I discovered Playology toys. Not only is Mila picky, but she also has a very short attention span. And she plays with this ball EVERY DAY. It’s crazy. From the moment I brought it home, she was totally obsessed. Playology toys are scented too. And not just meat smells (like some toys), but they also have a peanut butter scent – which is the kind Mila has. Although these toys are a bit expensive, she hasn’t damaged it in the least, and plays with it every day. So that’s a win in my book!

gifts for dogs kong bear, duck, turtle, and playology ball

Not only is Mila tough on her toys, but she’s also pretty small. Needless to say, her toys need to be pretty small too. Her favorites are these extra small Kong stuffed animals. We call them her babies. She’s particularly fond of this teddy bear, but she also loves her ducky and froggy. They are made with very little stuffing (only in the heads) and a squeaker. Not only do they contain a squeaker, but they have a little velcro strip so you can replace the squeakers too! Which is fantastic, since Mila has figured out how to pop the squeaker within about 45 seconds. Which is also why I buy these giant packs of extra squeakers from Amazon. Plus she’s also figured out how to open the velcro and pull out the squeaker. So there’s that.

Next, I have to mention one of the best and most important gifts I have ever received – Mila’s car seat. Two years ago, my brother gave us this car seat as a Christmas present. Back then, Mila was just a 7 week old 2 lb tiny little brunette baby. So she’s been cruising around in this thing for a while. After two years and tons of use, it’s held up super well. Although dogs like to stick their heads out of car windows, it’s important to keep our fur babies safe on the road. This car seat has straps on the back to slide your seatbelt through and secure your little passenger. It also comes in a small size for pets up to 15 lbs and a larger size for pets up to 20 lbs.

Plus, this isn’t just a plain ol’ car seat. I call it Mila’s convertible, because the top screen can stay open or zip closed. It also has a small lead in it that hooks to your puppy’s collar or harness so they can’t jump out. And it has straps and pockets like a duffel bag. Perfect for carrying treats, a collapsible water or food dish, leash, etc. Honestly, I take Mila everywhere in this bag. Most people just think you’re carrying a duffel bag. And usually only little kids notice there’s a puppy stowaway. Which is generally pretty entertaining.

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Another of my favorite gifts for dog lovers is anything personalized. Right now I’m kind of obsessed with these socks and stickers. You upload a photo of your dog’s face, and they put your fur baby’s picture all over a pair of socks or a sheet of stickers! But they’re not just for dog people – you can even create socks with your own face on them and give them to every one on your list. I seriously contemplated getting everyone personalized socks this year. Of course not with my own face on them though. But rather the faces of their babies, pets, or grandkids. I just think this is such a funny and fun gift.

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Of course, there’s nothing better than a gift that also gives back. First up, we have The Buddy Bandana. The Buddy Bandana is a matching headband or scrunchie for you and a bandana for your buddy. They come in all sorts of fun patterns including camo, plaid, watermelon, and avocado. However, the best thing about Buddy Bandana is that for every set sold, they donate to no kill shelters to support and save animals in need.

Tags For Hope Gifts For Dog Lovers
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Another awesome gift Mila received for her birthday last year is her very own drivers license. Tags For Hope creates custom pet tags that look like little drivers licenses. They include important details like your pet’s photo, name, and address. Plus, each purchase helps to provide food, critical healthcare, transportation out of high kill shelters, and additional time for pets in need. Helping pets in need and keeping your pet safe as well? Yes please!

Although we’re a few weeks early, Mila and I want to send our love to all of our fellow dogs and dog lovers out there (and of course everyone else too) and wish you all Happy Howlidays, Feliz Navidog, and a Pawesome New Year. We hope Santa Paws brings you all of the toys, Greenies, and kisses you could ever want.

Tiffany (& Mila)

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