Although I’m not a fan of winter, I’m a huge fan of winter fashion. Namely winter textiles. From fur to velvet to corduroy to tweed, heavier fabrics give us the opportunity to play a bit more with our wardrobe. Which is good, considering most people have to wear a lot more clothes in the colder months. Tweed is a classic statement fabric that instantly adds class, glam, and a sophisticated vibe to any ensemble. Of course, the ultimate tweed will ALWAYS be Chanel. But for those of us that Chanel will forever just be a dream, I’ve found a ton of statement tweed pieces that are perfect additions to your winter wardrobe. Just like in my How To Wear Green For Fall post, I’ve split these finds into three categories – Clothes, Accessories, and Shoes.

Tweed Skirt


Usually, I’m all about neutrals in my wardrobe. If everything I wear is black, I’ll always match, right? Plus, it gives me a great excuse to color my world through makeup and accessories. However, when it comes to tweed, I’m so obsessed. A great tweed jacket or skirt just completely steels my heart. First of all, there’s nothing more classic than a tweed blazer. It’s perfect to take you from day to night and everything in between. You can wear it with jeans or over a shift dress. Heck, you can even wear a tweed shift dress! Just maybe not with the tweed jacket. That might be a bit much. Lately, I’m super into tweed skirts. They’re great on their own or with tights or leggings. Add a solid turtleneck, a sweater, or long sleeve tee and you’re good to go.

The skirt in the picture above is from Lulu’s, so it’s not in the carousel. But the black tweed skirt in the next picture is in the carousel. It’s from Amazon and it’s easily one of my new favorites.

Tweed Handbag and Skirt


Another super simple way to add tweed to your winter wardrobe is with a cute handbag. Although some are going to set you back a pretty penny, I only included super affordable options today.

Black and white jeweled tweed loafer shoes


Of course my favorite way to spice up any outfit is with shoes! Due to colder temps and sketchier weather, I usually don’t wear heels as often in the winter. Instead, I have some cute flats and loafers for you. Including the adorable bejeweled Betsey Johnson loafers I’m wearing in the above picture.

What do you think? Do you feel the need? The need for tweed? Because I sure do! Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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