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MAC Cosmetics was the first “real” makeup I ever bought. I was preparing for the Miss Missouri pageant (back in the early 2000’s) and knew nothing about stage makeup. Of course the products I bought back then are completely impractical for every day wear. However, it began a life long love affair. Not just with makeup, but also with anything MAC. Needless to say, I wait all year for the new Holiday collection launch. After all, it combines two of my favorite things – makeup and Christmas! Plus, it’s one of my favorite posts to write every year. (You can check out the 2017 collection here and the 2018 collection here). In the past, the Holiday collections have been hit or miss. Some years have childish packaging. Other years have questionable shade selections. However, I think the MAC Holiday 2019 collection “Starring You” is a total hit.

Overall, the collection is full of shimmer, sparkle, and stunning shades. First of all, let’s talk packaging. In addition to the sparkly products inside, the outer packaging is sparkly as well. Of course I’m a huge fan of the original MAC black packaging. However, I really enjoy the mixed black and sparkle packaging of the Starring You Collection. It somehow combines sparkle and fun without seeming childish or cheap. Not only does the MAC Holiday 2019 collection contain the traditional MAC mini sets, but it also contains a new selection of glitter lipsticks, glitter lip glosses, glitter eyeshadows, and a highlighter.

MAC Holiday 2019 Starring You Mini Collection

First of all, I have to mention these gorgeous lip shades. The 4 swatches on the left are the new sparkle glosses ($18.50 each) and the 4 swatches on the right are the new sparkle lipsticks ($20 each). I’m kind of obsessed with these sparkle lipsticks because the lipstick itself is SO sparkly. Additionally, Ciate ($22) and Pat McGrath ($40) also have sparkly lipsticks like this. Of course I love the sparkle glosses as well. Whereas I think the sparkle lipsticks can be hard to wear (especially the two lighter shades), I think sparkle glosses are always a great choice.

Mini Eyeshadow Palettes

Although I have a major eyeshadow palette addiction, the MAC Holiday palettes are usually hit or miss. However, this year, the lavender palette (bottom left swatches) was a clear standout winner. Although MAC products are sold at Ulta and Nordstrom, as well as other department store counters, free standing stores, and online – the lavender palette is only available at MAC stores. Unfortunately, it’s already sold out online. But I’d highly recommend checking your local store because this palette is gorgeous. Of course the neutral palette (top right swatches) is beautiful if you love warm toned neutrals. Although I have to admit I was completely disappointed in the fuchsia palette (bottom right swatches). The colors seemed blah when swatched or worn and didn’t hold up. In fact there was no trace of pink in the swatches at all.

Mini Lip Gloss Sets

Unsurprisingly, I love these little mini lip gloss sets. Out of the two, I definitely prefer the pink and purple set over the neutral set. Overall, the swatches really impressed me. Plus I love how easy these cute little guys are to toss in your purse and go. Although with them being so tiny, I’d probably end up with 12+ minis in my handbag instead of my usual 6-7 that are floating around in there.

Mini Lipstick Sets

First, let me say I’m sorry for not taking the lids off of the lipsticks before taking the above picture. I’m not sure what I was thinking. However, these little babies speak for themselves. I love MAC’s mini lipsticks. They are perfect for trying new shades, for travel, and for backup. I keep a mini Russian Red and a mini Mehr in my travel bag for emergencies. Of course everyone is doing “neutral” or “nude” lipstick sets lately. However, I have had the hardest time getting a good shade match in any of them. They’re all too brown or too light. But I did love this neutral set (right swatches) and had to add it to my collection. Plus with a gorgeous light red and bright pink, the vibrant set is perfect for anyone wanting to try something a bit bolder.

Face Palettes

The MAC Holiday 2019 set includes two face palettes. Light and Medium-Deep ($42.50 each). Both palettes are full of sparkle shades that can be used as blush, bronzer, highlight, or eyeshadow. Although I’m not usually a big fan of all sparkle face palettes because I prefer a matte blush and a matte bronzer. However, these shades are all really pretty and creamy if you do like sparkle face products.

Mini Brush Set

Surprisingly, there is only one brush set this year. Usually there have been at least two if not more. However this set includes a curated bunch of brushes for your entire face. From contour to eyes to brows, this is a great mini set for beginners or minimalist packers. Plus it comes with the cutest makeup bag. And who can resist those glitter handles?

MAC Holiday 2019 Mini Lipstick Collection

Last but not least, we have the mini lipstick collection. This set is $74.50 and includes 12 mini lipsticks and a clutch. Although I mentioned I love the OG MAC packaging, I have to admit I’m totally obsessing over this packaging. First, I love the idea of reaching into my lipstick drawer and looking for the package that matches the shade of lipstick I’m looking for instead of searching through dozens of identical black packaged lipsticks. Second, OMG those glitter lids! They’re so cute I can hardly stand it. Plus, this season’s set has the most gorgeous color story (swatches below). Unlike past seasons where MAC has released a set of best sellers, I feel like this set is super cohesive. Yes, a couple shades are a bit too similar for my liking, but overall, they’re all so wearable. There are even some limited shades and multiple formulas!

Overall, I love the entire MAC Holiday 2019 collection. From the glitter lips to the shadow palettes, there’s a huge range of products and color selection. You’re sure to find something that looks amazing on you. Plus, MAC has the most amazing product quality and is sure to keep you looking great through the entire holiday season as you dance the night away. For my look, I used every shade in the lavender palette and the shade Jar of Stars from the neural mini lipstick set.

What do you think of the new holiday collection? Is anything on your wish list? Do you have a favorite brand for holiday launches? Let me know in the comments below!


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    1. I know! Me too! It took so much self control not to buy it. Plus it has NEW shades! AND GLITTER lids! 😱

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