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Just like people, makeup brands have their own personalities. For example, some brands are known for being cool and hip. Others are known for being elite and expensive. Surprisingly, there are even brands who are known to be overhyped and not as effective as others. Notably, we as shoppers tend to pick makeup brands that we relate to. In general I seek brands with sleek packaging, good branding, and reputable products. However, I tend to stay away from brands with childlike or gimmicky packaging. Furthermore, I’ve tended to shy away from “cool girl” brands like Glossier. I’m not a “cool girl” and my makeup look is usually far from “effortless”. But their products are highly rated and oh so Instagrammable. So I finally had to give them a try.

Of course I had to try the Balm Dotcom universal skin salve and the Cloud Paint cheek color. But once I started shopping, I couldn’t stop. Notably, Glossier has some of the coolest customizable sets. For example, The Makeup Set includes a Cloud Paint of your choice, a Boy Brow of your choice, and a mascara for $40. Which saves you $10. Lots of brands offer sets but don’t let you customize which colors you want. And I find that super frustrating. So that’s a total win for Glossier!

Although I normally go for a full glam/high maintenance kind of look, Glossier is all about the “no makeup” makeup. Honestly, it’s all about that dewy skin and enhancing what you’ve got. From balms to brows to a hint of cheek, Glossier is perfect for the girl on the go. For my look, I used the Lidstar Glistening Eye Glow in Moon, Cloud Paint in Puff, Boy Brow in Brown, Birthday Balm Dotcom, and Lash Slick Mascara.

After swatching all of my new Glossier goodies, I started thinking about the versatility of the products. For starters, the Lidstar, Cloud Paint, and Balm Dotcom are all cream products. So that makes them super easy to become multi use products. For example, the Lidstar in Moon is so light and shimmery, it is a perfect highlighter. And the Cloud Paint is a great eyeshadow or lip color. Although, Puff was a bit light for my skin. I wish I would have gotten a darker/brighter shade. I like having a more “pink” flush to my cheeks. Because it was so light, it did settle on my lips a bit. But, all in all, I loved each and every product.

Glossier products are so perfect for anyone looking for a fresh and clean look. Everything is so low maintenance and dewy. Plus the shades are nice and soft. It’s also perfect for anyone who wants to get into makeup but doesn’t know how, loves makeup but doesn’t have time, or just wants that “I woke up looking this good” kind of look.

Last but not least, my favorite thing about Glossier is that they teamed up with Bark for a puppy version of their cult favorites! They created puppy perfect replicas of Balm Dotcom and Boy Brow called Balm Dogcom and Toy Brow. Of course Mila is a huge fan of her Toy Brow. After all, she is the biggest Makeup Guru and Diva in our house.

What do you think? Have you ever used Glossier products? What is your makeup brand personality? Let me know in the comments below!


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