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A couple of weeks ago I talked about how some makeup launches are planned and marketed for months, and others come out of nowhere. Whereas Pat McGrath surprised us with her mini palette launch (you can read more about that here), Lady Gaga has been teasing us for months. First of all there had been rumors of a beauty line for a while. But everything became official when she announced Haus Laboratories would be available for pre-order on Amazon for Prime Day back in June. The only catch? The products wouldn’t ship until September.

Although the initial launch of Haus Laboratories included lip gloss, lip liner, and liquid shimmer powders, Gaga added a felt tip liner and two new concepts called “Eye Armor” on launch day. Notably, since I pre-ordered, I was able to order a lip gloss duo and a liquid shimmer powder duo, which are no longer available to order. Unfortunately, they came in curated sets, and there were no real swatches yet, so I had to take my best guess on which shades I’d like best. Although since I am an eyeliner junkie and a big fan of winged liner, I instantly ordered the eyeliner and face lace wing duo on launch day, in addition to my previous order.

My only complaints about the entire launch are about the pre-order system. It was super disappointing to find out that pre-order products would ship at the same time as new orders. Actually, my eyeliner I ordered on launch day arrived before my lip gloss set I ordered in June! Although I’m a fan of a good deal and loved getting a slight discount for ordering the duos, I would have loved to receive the pre-ordered items earlier. At least receive them ON launch day like some other companies.

Upon receiving my Glam Attack liquid shimmer powders, I immediately had to swatch them. I was too excited to wait. The picture above shows both Dynasty and Biker outside in daylight. They are very thin liquid sparkle eyeshadows. Both Dynasty and Biker had an almost translucent base, meaning they could be sheered out to just sparkle. They can be applied with a brush or your fingertips and can be mixed, layered, thinned out, or built up. Dynasty is a really pretty light jade, and Biker is a glam silver. Honestly, they are very similar to other liquid eyeshadows. However, the way they blend and dry are very different. Whereas I love the darker shades in the Stila shadows, I think I prefer the lighter shades in the Haus Laboratories shadows because they are so sheer. The Glam Attack liquid shimmer powders come in 6 shades and are $20 each.

Next up, we have the Le Riot lip glosses. I have the shades Venus and Blaze. Venus is a neutral pink nude and Blaze is a beautiful rose. Both shades are quite sheer but add just a hint of color. The formula itself is very thick and creamy and feels very luxurious. Although I did take my pictures on a super windy day and it was starting to rain, so I did get quite a bit of it in my hair. The Le Riot lip gloss comes in a total of 6 shades and is $18 each.

Last but not least – the Eye-Lie-Ner and Eye Armor. Honestly, I could write an entire post on the eyeliner alone. It’s just that good. I’m not kidding. I’m a huge fan of a felt tip liner, and this might be the best one I’ve ever used. There is something about this eyeliner that is pure magic. It’s already a best seller on Amazon and I might buy another just for when I run out. As I’ve mentioned before, my eyelids are super wrinkly and I’m terrible at applying eyeliner one handed. However, with this eyeliner, I did it on the first try. With a wing. And I didn’t even use my wing stamp or the Eye Armor wings!

As for the Eye Armor wings, I was pleasantly surprised. Although it did take 3 tries to get the placement right. If you place them too close to the corner of your eye, they will poke you and feel super annoying. However, if you. place them just slightly out, and fill the space in with black eyeliner, they actually work very well. Currently, you cannot purchase the wings on their own – just in a kit with the liner for $35. (It includes 10 wing sets. Each set can be worn multiple times). The liner can be purchased on its own for $20. There is also a full Eye Armor Mask for $25 that looks like the most amazing masquerade mask that you attach both above and below each eye. It looks so cool.

Although I did try almost all of the Haus Laboratories products, I skipped the RIP Lip Liners. I’m not a lip liner girl, so I didn’t want to buy products I’d never use. Plus, since I don’t use lip liner, I don’t really have a frame of reference to judge against. The RIP lip liners come in 6 shades and are $16.

For today’s pictures, I am wearing Biker on my lid with Dynasty in the outer corner and smoked out into my crease, Eye-Lie-Ner felt tip eyeliner transitioned into an Eye Armor Wing sticker, and Blaze lip gloss.

Overall, I really love what Lady Gaga has created in Haus Laboratories. The line is cruelty free, vegan, and encourages love, kindness, and just having fun with makeup. The products are all great quality and the packaging is adorable. I really love the matte black and silver combo, and the little pyramid accents on the lids. It’s edgy, playful, and the lip glosses look super cute when you take them out of your bag to reapply.

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Haus Laboratories Eye-Lie-Ner – 5 –
Best eyeliner ever. It is so smooth and pigmented and wears so well. Even after months of daily use, the felt tip was still super sharp and wonderful. I just bought a second one.
Haus Laboratories Eye Armor Wings – 3 – Eh. They were easy to use and did the job. I thought they looked super fake in person because of the texture, but everyone else said they didn’t notice.
Haus Laboratories Le Riot Lip Gloss – 3.5 – Packaging is cute, product is decent. However, there’s nothing super special in my opinion.
Haus Laboratories Liquid Shimmer Powders – 2.5 – Not worth it. They were really sheer. I was expecting something more bold and “wow”. There are other brands with better liquid shimmer shadows.

What do you think of the new Haus Laboratories products? Which products/shades are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below.


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    1. For sure! I totally agree. The lip glosses are totally worth it. Even just for a conversation piece! Which shade are you going to get? 💕

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