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Summer Fridays has quickly become one of my favorite beauty brands. Not only are their products clean, but they are so incredibly innovative. Take their newest launch for example. In fact, the new Summer Fridays CC Me Serum was inspired by Summer Fridays customer requests. Which means not only are the products awesome, but the brand actually listens to their customers too!

Of course their original product – the Jetlag Mask – is a staple in my night time routine. (You can read my full review here.) In my opinion, it’s a holy grail product. Consequently, I absolutely have to try any new Summer Fridays products. If their freshman launch can be that good, I have to see what else they will come up with! Plus, their R&R mask (full review here) and Overtime mask were awesome, so you know they don’t disappoint.

However, for their fourth baby, Summer Fridays went in a completely different direction. They gave us a serum! Summer Fridays CC Me Vitamin C serum is $64 and is available at Sephora or on the Summer Fridays website. It is a “multitasking serum that naturally brightens, improves skin texture, and reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation.” Meaning it will help with dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. And I know we can all use a little bit of help with anti-aging, am I right?

When I was little, we had these vitamin C lozenges that came wrapped like little hard candies. They tasted SO good. It was practically like eating candy. I remember always convincing myself I needed to eat one to “keep my immune system up”. When really I just wanted to eat a little orange candy. So basically, I’ve always loved convincing myself I was being healthy when I was really just indulging in things I loved – like candy… or anti-aging skincare.

This serum is so light and has the most amazing smell. It’s not perfume-y or anything strong or artificial. But it is so clean and refreshing and yummy. The product itself is very thin, applies smoothly, and dries down to be worn under your usual moisturizer and makeup routine. The bottle says to use a few drops of serum, but I found 1 pump to be an adequate amount.

Honestly, I love this new Summer Fridays CC Me Vitamin C Serum, just like I do all Summer Fridays products. Everything about their aesthetic is just so clean and easy breezy. Their Instagram always makes me want to just take off for exotic locales and live my best life. Plus this serum is 1 fl oz and the pump locks, so it’s super easy to toss in your bag for travel and it’s TSA friendly. So I can look and feel my best while on the go. Summer Fridays thinks of everything.


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