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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Pat McGrath Labs. Honestly, I talk about it all of the time. In fact, I’ve talked about the new PMG foundation, the MatteTrance lipstick, the OG Lust 004 glitter lips, and my all time crush – the Lust Gloss. And just when you think you know a brand (or their modus operandi) they surprise you. For example, Mother’s newest Mothership VI Midnight sun palette is set to launch later this week (September 6) and yet she quietly launched two new Pat McGrath Mini Eyeshadow Palettes at Sephora earlier this week. Oh my goodness!

Each mini Eye Ecstasy palette contains 5 different eyeshadows and is $28. First, the Sublime palette is full of magnificent bold neutral shades ranging from gold to bronze to deep burgundy. Second, the Subversive palette is full of bright playful shades including turquoise, purple, crimson, plum, and yellow gold. Both palettes arrive in the iconic Pat McGrath Labs sequin filled packaging. Which is absolutely one of my favorite parts.

For those of you who might not be total PMG addicts (like myself), I want to take a minute to explain why I think these mini palettes are such a big deal. Pat McGrath is one of the biggest and most notable makeup artists of modern history. She has created looks for the biggest runways and the most elite brands. Her nickname “Mother” comes from the notion that she is the “mother of makeup”. Plus, she is also one of Time’s 2019 Most Influential People.

In the beginning, PMG products were limited and niche. For example, I had to wait years(!) until her Lust OO4 glitter lips were restocked so I could write my review (which you can find here). Not only were her products unique and hard to get ahold of, but they were also kind of expensive. Like “$125 for a 10 pan eyeshadow palette” expensive. However, Mother has made big waves over the past couple of years to make her products even more accessible to everyone. First, she released MTHRSHP palettes containing 6 eyeshadows for $65. Next she followed up with EYEdols individual eyeshadows for $28 each. Not only that, but now we have the new mini Eye Ecstasy palettes too!

So why am I telling you all off this? Because I want you to experience the legendary Pat McGrath eyeshadow colors, textures, and formulas! Honestly, I absolutely LOVE that PMG has bridged the gap between elite and affordable without jeopardizing her incredibly high standards. These aren’t new shades that are “just” in the mini palettes. They are shades from either the Mothership, MTHRSHP, or EYEdols eyeshadow collections. So you’re not getting “lesser quality” or “half-assed” shadows or the colors that didn’t fit into any other set. You’re getting the real deal. FOR $28 DOLLARS!

Of course I had to create a breakdown to show where you can originally find each mini eyeshadow shade:

Sublime Palette – (left to right on arm)

Sinful – Mothership IV Decadence (discontinued)
Illicit – MTHRSHP Bronze Ambition
Gold Nectar – MTHRSHP La Vie En Rose
Corruption – MTHRSHP Bronze Temptation
Sextrovert – EYEdols & MTHRSHP Platinum Bronze

Subversive Palette – (left to right on arm)

Lapis Luxury – EYEdols & Mothership IV Decadence (discontinued)
Blue Blood – Mothership IV Decadence (discontinued)
Gold Standard – EYEdols & Mothership IV Decadence (discontinued)
Synthetica – EYEdols
Crimson Fire – EYEdols

Honestly, Pat McGrath eyeshadows are second to none. Certainly the shades are always the perfect mix of go to colors and the ultimate trend hues. In particular, I’m totally into the shades Corruption and Lapis Luxury for fall. Not only that, but burgundy is one of my favorite upcoming trends. Equally important is the color payoff. In fact, these shadows have minimal fallout for such extreme pigmentation.

For my look, I used the Sublime mini palette. First, I used Corruption all over my lid and into my crease. Next, I applied Sinful onto the inner corners of my eyes. Finally, I blended Sextrovert into the outer crease for a bit of extra dimension.

Overall, the new Pat McGrath Mini Eyeshadow Eye Ecstasy palettes have me completely obsessed. Not only are the shades incredible, but I am so excited for more people to see how amazing and unbeatable PMG products are. What do you think of these mini palettes and Pat McGrath products? Let me know in the comments below!


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