Lately, every time I turn around another company is launching a new foundation. Between all of the different options, finding a new foundation can be really overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that foundation can be one of the hardest beauty products to switch. Honestly, I’d rather go shopping for swimsuits or jeans than a new foundation. Of course MAC is discontinuing my OG foundation. So, this dreaded task is on the horizon. Although I’ve started to look for the “next amazing thing”, I’m getting a little dismayed. But there was just something about this new MILK Makeup Flex Foundation and Highlighter launch that really spoke to me

First of all, the MILK Makeup Flex Foundation is a stick! I’ve been wanting to try a stick foundation for a while, but hadn’t heard any great recommendations to really sway me toward one brand or another. (In fact, I heard rumors that some brands are even discontinuing their stick foundations.) But MILK Makeup is a brand I am loving more and more lately, so I figured it was worth a shot. (Read more about my love for MILK Makeup products here.) Of course, there’s also the packaging. I’m a huge fan of sleek minimalist packaging. And this all classy all white look is giving me seriously expensive summer vibes. I love it.

The Flex Foundation is $36, comes in 36 shades, and has a buildable/medium coverage. Not only is it a stick foundation with gorgeous packaging, but it is also “infused with blue lotus to hydrate and chamomile to calm redness and sooth skin for even the most sensitive skin.” A foundation that can hydrate, sooth and calm skin, give me a great medium coverage, AND is super travel friendly? Where has this been all my life?

As for the functionality, you can apply the foundation directly to your skin, or onto a brush or sponge first. I preferred applying it directly to my skin. When I applied it to a brush, I felt like I couldn’t control or predict how much product I was going to use or need. Once I applied the foundation and began blending, the foundation blurred and blended and melted right into my skin. It was absolutely wonderful. I was so pleasantly surprised.

The Flex Highlighter is $28 and comes in 4 shades. It contains “crushed gemstones and a weightless pearlescent base” that give you the most insane yet non-glittery highlight that I have ever seen. It’s like my beloved Becca highlighter and the Fenty Diamond Bomb highlighter had a baby. All of the shine and impact of an incredible highlighter without being covered in glitter. Plus, it also “is infused with blue lotus to hydrate and chamomile to calm redness/sooth skin.” And as if that’s not enough, it has hyaluronic acid-filled spheres to help hydrate too! Talk about a super product!

Honestly, my first foray into stick foundation was a total success. Plus, I am living for this stunning non-glittery highlighter. Not only do both products contain awesome ingredients, but they also feel and wear so well. Not to mention they are so travel friendly and oh-so-classy! Of course these all add up to a total win in my book!

What do you think? What is your favorite foundation? Have you tried any MILK Makeup products? Let me know in the comments below.


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