It’s officially hot outside. Like “can’t go on a walk because it might hurt Mila’s feet” hot. Although the little puppy apple didn’t fall far from this particular tree, Mila loves nothing more than being outside. With that being said, we still spend a lot of days with the patio door open so she can be a little busy body and observe everything and everyone outside. However, that doesn’t make for particularly pleasant temperatures inside. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite healthy ways to stay cool this summer.

First of all, let’s start with beauty products. Of course one of my top picks has to be the MILK Makeup cooling water stick ($24). I keep it in the fridge so it’s always extra cold. Not only is it great for helping you stay cool, but it’s also great for reducing puffiness. And who couldn’t use a little help with that pesky under eye puffiness? Another one of my favorite ways to stay cool is by using a quartz roller. After applying my nightly skincare routine, I use a this Herbivore rose quartz facial roller ($40) to help things absorb properly and reduce puffiness. (Can you tell I’m really concerned about puffiness? Ha!) In addition to these other benefits, the rose quartz is cold, which can totally help you stay cool too! Need a little extra cool? You can keep the roller in the fridge as well.

One of my more unconventional ways to stay cool during the midsummer heat is with a cooling eye mask. But this time I’m not talking about skincare. I’m talking an actual batman-esque mask. Not only have I used this for migraines, but I’ve also used it to just cool myself down. You can put it on your eyes, your forehead, the back of your neck, or just hold it on your skin. Plus, if you use it on your eyes, it’s really great for… You guessed it! Reducing puffiness. This one from Target ($8.79) is similar to the mask I currently have. However, I may have to pick up this one ($8.50 on Amazon at time of publishing) because it has a microfiber backing to protect your skin. Which would make it extra dark and great for sleeping or relaxing.

Of course, when the weather is this hot, makeup is always an issue. As with most issues, you can either do something about it before, or after. First off, you could prime your skin with a great makeup primer like Too Faced Primed & Peachy ($34) to keep your makeup holding tight through the heat. However, you could also lock down your look with a great setting spray like MAC Cosmetics Fix + ($28). I’m completely addicted to the new White Tea scent mini ($16). It’s amazing. If you’re not only going to be in the heat, but you’re going to be in the sun too, you should check out a setting spray with SPF like the new MAC Cosmetics Fix + SPF 30 ($28), or use the “Scott Barnes Trick” and use the Neutrogena spray sunscreen ($7.49 at Target) to set your glow.

Last but not least, one of my favorite ways to stay cool even includes super foods! I’m talking smoothies, people! Smoothies are great for hydration, staying cool, and overall health. Especially when including antioxidants like berries and spinach or additions like collagen and spirulina. Plus, you can use things like açaí and dragonfruit to change the colors of your smoothie. I’m a big fan of dragonfruit because it turns my smoothies pink! Although smoothies can be a fantastic addition to your diet, don’t forget that fruit does contain sugar, so consume in moderation. And please, please, please, whatever you do, don’t add sugar to your smoothies. That’s just crazy.

Along with all of these fun ways to stay cool, don’t forget the most important way – staying hydrated. I am notorious for carrying a water bottle around with me absolutely everywhere. Plus, with so many great water bottle options, there’s no reason to be out and about without water on hand. I really love this insulated Camelbak bottle for summer so my water can stay colder longer. And not get all sweaty. After all, I try my best to not sweat. I mean sparkle.

What are your favorite ways to stay cool all summer? Let me know in the comments below!


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