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There is something beautiful about a makeup look with complex colors and blending. To be sure, most makeup artists are true artists. In fact, they study color theory for a reason. However, there’s something equally beautiful about a monochromatic look. Of course, both can have their down sides. On one hand, you could end up looking like a crazy piñata or circus performer. On the other, you could look like Violet Beauregarde after she turned into a blueberry. But, when done correctly, I think a monochromatic look can create the ultimate fashion statement. Enter: the Colourpop Blue Moon Eyeshadow palette.

Although I’ve written about my love for blue eyeshadow before, I’m still completely obsessed and just can’t get enough. So when I discovered Colourpop’s monochromatic 9x eyeshadow palettes, I bet you can’t guess which color I bought first! Ok, that was a trick question. I bought two – pink AND blue. (I know. You’re shocked.)

The Colourpop Blue Moon palette consists of 9 shades of blue ranging from an almost sheer blue-white glitter to a dark ink blue. 5 of the 9 shades are matte, with the remaining 4 being satins and shimmers. Personally, I love that you can create a lighter Cinderella blue look or a darker smokey blue look with the same palette. Of course, you’re not going to have any sort of neutral look with this palette. But I’m guessing if you are interested in an all blue palette, you’re not going for a neutral vibe. The darker shades are my favorite. But I love having the options of the lighter shades.

For my look, I used MAC Kid in my crease as a neutral transition shade. Then I used a fluffy brush to apply Starry Eyed in my crease. Next, I used a crease brush to add Fine China a bit tighter in the crease of my eye. As for the showstopper in this look, I used a flat eyeshadow brush to apply Mad About U all over my lid. Finally, I used a crease brush to add a tiny bit of Clued In just to the outer corner to give a bit more depth.

Colourpop Blue Moon Swatches

Overall, I love this Colourpop Blue Moon palette. All of the 9x monochromatic palettes are $12 and currently come in blue, pink, green, purple, red, orange, and the brand new yellow! It’s a great way to try something new without breaking the bank. And the shadows are usually great quality.

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Colourpop Blue Moon Palette – 4.5 –
The shades and quality are great. I like that they don’t take up a lot of space, so it’s an easy way to try something new. But some of the shades stain. I love that the palette has a mirror inside.

What do you think of the monochromatic trend? What’s your favorite color for a monochromatic look? Let me know in the comments below!


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