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Lately, I’ve been trying to mix up my makeup routine. I love showing you guys new trends, new looks, and new products. However, I know that the go-to products in my rotation aren’t going to be ideal for everyone, so I’ve been trying to incorporate new stores, brands, trends, and price points into my product reviews. As to be expected, some of the new stuff have been hits and others have been total misses. Not only have I had a lot of fun, but I’ve also found some fantastic new gems I never would have considered previously. For example, Colourpop!

Colourpop is a fun, trendy, quirky, and extremely affordable brand I first discovered via Ulta. Subsequently, I purchased some additional products through their website, as Ulta doesn’t carry the whole line. Of course, by “affordable”, I’m talking drugstore prices – $7 lipgloss, $12 eyeshadow palettes, and $4.50 for an individual eyeshadow.

Unsurprisingly, I started on my Colourpop journey with eyeshadow. I LOVE the Give It To Me Straight palette. I used it for my looks in both this post and the video. The burgundy and champagne mix is so beautiful and versatile. (Side note – I have no idea why, but for some reason, the colors in the Give It To Me Straight palette aren’t showing the same in the pic above as they do IRL. In person, they’re much more in the neutral / champagne / berry / burgundy zone and are absolutely gorgeous.) Plus it contains 12 eyeshadows and costs $16. Furthermore, I loved it so much I immediately bought the Blue Moon palette (9 shades of blue) and the Ooh La La palette (9 shades of pink).

There are two things I judge every eyeshadow on – pigmentation and blend-ability. From single shadows to palettes, Colourpop shadows don’t disappoint on either. Again, a total win in my book! Plus, they have a huge color selection and shades that are comparable to cult favorites like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Pat McGrath.

Of course I couldn’t just stop at the eyeshadows. I also had to try the supershock highlighter, lite stix, and blush stix. Since I am a huge fan of cream blush, AND I love great packaging and marketing (and Peonies!) I ordered the Peony For Your Thoughts kit containing two blush stix and one lite stix. Both blush shades are stunning and blended very well. However, the lite stix didn’t blend into my foundation/concealer as well as I would have hoped. But really, I wouldn’t normally put a cream highlight over foundation and concealer anyway. I’m not sure why I did today. I guess I just got carried away! Although I do love all 3 and think they are fantastic for a summer “no makeup” makeup look.

Honestly, the lip glosses were the only products I didn’t like from my Colourpop exploration. I thought the brush applicators were too stiff and it felt like I was trying to put lip gloss on with a tooth pick. No thanks! And if you look super closely, you can see the brush was already starting to feather (stray hair about halfway down on the left side), even with only being used once. Other than that, I loved all of the products I tried.

Check out the video review/tutorial below to see my full thoughts, the first time I played with these products, and a super easy tutorial for a soft romantic every day look using the Give It To Me Straight palette, some Supershock Shadows, and a Supershock Highlighter.

Not only are Colourpop products inexpensive, but you also get free shipping on US orders $30+. But wait! There’s more! Since I bought some products, Colourpop gave me a promo code to give you 20% off your purchase. USE THIS LINK FOR 20% OFF!

What do you think of Colourpop makeup? Have you used any of their products before? Let me know in the comments below!


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