I can’t apply false eyelashes. There. I said it. It’s intimidating and challenging and frustrating and I just can’t do it. Of course it’s not for lack of trying. I even have several sets of lashes in my makeup drawer just mocking me. But I can’t get rid of them. One day I will stand atop Lash Everest! Over the years, I have mastered individual lashes to fill in little lash bald spots or cover up a bad lash day. But it’s not the same look as a full set of falsies. So when I heard about magnetic lashes, I immediately had to try them.

The first set I purchased was more of a demi-lash. Not a full strip, but more like a half strip. A nice happy medium between my beloved individual lashes and the dreaded full strip. Unfortunately, I could never even get them on correctly. They were more frustrating than the regular ol’ glue kind! Next, I found full strip magnetic lashes, as well as another kind of magnetic demi-lash at Walmart. How cool is that? An awesome beauty product at drug store prices! I tried and I tried and I tried and could not get either of them to sit properly! Honestly, how could such an amazing idea be so terrible?

When what to my wondering eyes would appear, but LashLiner Systems magnetic lashes, my dear! The LashLiner system is one part magnetic lashes and one part magnetic eyeliner. How genius is that? Plus, each lash set is named after a major US city. Even cuter, the lashes even have the personalities of their namesake city! I got the Dallas lashes and my, oh my, are they Texas big! Seattle and Portland are a little more chill, Nashville and Los Angeles are starlet wispy, and Chicago is the perfect middle of the road.

Honestly, I REALLY wanted Chicago or Seattle. But as of the time of writing this, they are both currently sold out. I wanted a lash I’d be able to see, but wouldn’t completely overwhelm me. Dallas is a little large for everyday wear, but perfect for pictures and that “Instagram Photo” look. They would be super great for weddings and photo shoots too.

Now for what you really want to know – the application! Once you get the hang of the sticky liner and the placement of the lashes, it’s super easy. As you’ll see in my video, my left side gave me some trouble. But I’m right handed, so my left side can be my troublesome side anyway. The application process is pretty straight forward. Apply two coats of the magnetic eyeliner, let it dry to the point of being a little tacky, and then place the magnetic lashes on top. Sounds simple enough, right?

One thing you need to know about the liner is that it is incredibly sticky. In fact, it’s almost tar-like. But the coolest thing I discovered is that you can apply the magnetic eyeliner over your favorite normal eyeliner! How cool is that? If you have longer natural lashes, just watch them when you apply the magnetic liner. It kind of balled up on the ends of my lashes a bit. But since you’re adding the bigger lashes, it doesn’t really matter.

Once the lashes were on, I could hardly feel them. They were so light and fluttery and comfortable. I’ve never found that in a full strip lash that big. They usually make me feel so sleepy. The magnetic lashes even removed easily! Just pop them off, put them back in their little home, and remove your makeup like normal. LashLiner Systems Lashes are developed to be used multiple times, and you don’t clean them like normal strip lashes because there’s no glue and you don’t put mascara on them. Even better, since there’s no glue, they shouldn’t damage your OG lashes. The LashLiner website says they’re even great for alopecia or hair loss due to medical conditions or treatments like chemotherapy. However, DO NOT WEAR THE LASHES OR LINER IN AN MRI. They are magnets, after all.

Overall, I’m so obsessed with these lashes. If you can apply eyeliner, you can apply these LashLiner Systems Magnetic Lashes. Plus they’re latex free and they have free shipping! Honestly, there are so many pros to these magnetic lashes. I’m so glad I found them and can’t wait for Seattle and Chicago to come back in stock!


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