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About what feels like 100 years ago, one of my best friends convinced me to branch out of my little beginner powder makeup bubble and try cream makeup. I was way too intimidated by cream or liquid foundations. But she finally got me to try a MAC summer launch of cream bronzer. Oh my goodness did I fall in love. I used every bit of that cream bronzer. Unfortunately, it was a limited summer release and I never found another cream bronzer again. Until today. To my surprise, in the list of summer makeup releases was a Huda Beauty Cream Bronzer!

Now, you could argue that I could have been using cream contour products or even darker foundations instead of waiting for someone to answer my cream bronzer prayers. Well, I have two answers for that. Answer 1. I never thought about it. Answer 2. I didn’t realize what I had been doing was considered “contour” until like a year ago.

Over the past 100ish years, I have tried every cream bronzer type product I could get my hands on. The only product that ever came close was the Chanel Soleil Tan. At $50, it’s not exactly budget friendly, but I will say I’ve had the same one for at least 5 years. So I think I’ve gotten my moneys worth. Although $50 is expensive for a makeup product, the $50 price tag is for 1 oz of bronzer. In comparison, the Huda Beauty Cream Bronzer is $30 for 0.38 oz.

Although I am a big fan of the Chanel Bronzer, the Huda Beauty Tantour comes in so many more shades. With 5 shades in the collection, it’s a lot easier to get a match than with just one universal bronzing shade. I tried both Fair (fair to light with cool undertones) and Light (light to medium with cool undertones). All shades are matte and contain no shimmer, which makes me so very happy. I am totally against contour with sparkle. Shadows don’t sparkle, people!

I ended up liking the shade Light the best. I thought Fair pulled a tad yellow on me, but still would have been completely workable. Light just gave that perfect bronzy shadow that had great cool undertones. Overall, the product has a super light and silky feel and is very nice to work with. Although I will warn you, when they say it is ultra-pigmented, they aren’t kidding. Upon first application, it looks like SO much color. But the blend-ability and build-ability of the product is fantastic. I will say, I had better luck blending with a beautyblender than with a brush though. The bronzer is so silky and creamy that using a brush seemed to push my foundation around a bit. But nothing some good blending can’t fix!

Of course I’m a huge fan of great marketing and advertising and Huda Beauty did not disappoint with this launch. The PR packaging and promo pics were all very 80’s workout themed with the slogan “If you can’t tone it, tan it!” and I just loved that. Even the inside packaging says “Tan & Tone” (it’s kind of hard to see in the picture). I don’t know about you, but I always feel better about myself when I have a tan. Plus, if you get a spray tan, you can even contour cleavage and abs. And now you can do that at home with this cream bronzer!

Overall, I am so happy about this Huda Beauty Tantour Contour and Bronzer Cream and am excited to have it in my collection. This product is so great for summer. I love using a cream bronzer, cream brush, and a swipe of mascara for the perfect summer “no makeup” makeup look. Summer bronzed glow, here I come!


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