I love wearing white. Some find it intimidating or tempting the stain fates. But not me. Instead, I throw caution to the wind and say “bring on the white clothes!” (Although I do generally try to stay away from messy foods or situations while wearing white. No need to invite trouble. Am I right?) Of course the saying says you can’t wear white after Labor Day. As a true rebel, I don’t actually adhere to this rule. However, if you are a believer, you’re in luck! Summer is right around the corner. With that in mind, let’s check out some of my favorite ways to wear white all summer. Shall we?

First of all, let’s start with the most obvious way to wear white – your clothes! Luckily, white clothes are extremely versatile. You could wear a white dress, white top, or even white jeans. Plus, white is one of those colors that you can mix with absolutely everything. In fact, it looks great with, neon, black, patterns, and even my favorite neutral – leopard print! I’m a huge fan of white jeans during the spring and fall. And I live in white dresses and tops during the summer. Plus they give me a great excuse to get a spray tan.

Next up, my favorite way to wear any color – shoes! There are so many amazing pairs of white shoes. From flip flops to stilettos, you are sure to find the perfect pair for you. White shoes lighten any look. No one wants to weigh down the perfect little sundress with a pair of black pumps!

Last but not least, accessories! Honestly, the possibilities here are endless. One of my favorite ways to accessorize with white is with a simple white handbag. Again, the white just lightens up your look and makes you instantly summer ready. Also, statement earrings are totally in right now. These white flower earrings are actually really light weight but add a splash of character to an all white look.


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