For many years, I applied my foundation with a brush. I’ve tried stippling brushes, foundation brushes, large brushes, and small brushes. But the one thing I’ve always known is that whatever you do, DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS! Your hands harbor so much bacteria and so many germs, and the last thing you want to do is stretch and pull on your face and cause more wrinkles. However, after listening to the Breaking Beauty podcast episode with the founder of the Beauty Blender, Rea Ann Silva, I was super intrigued. While listening to them discussing everything from the inspiration and creation to how to use a beauty blender, I found myself ordering one!

Hot pink original beauty blender review

First, you have to decide what color of beauty blender ($20) you want. Honestly, that’s one of the most fun parts! It comes in the original pink, black, nude, and even limited edition colors like violet, blue, and tie-dye. My first beauty blender was nude. I felt like it would look less dirty after being covered in foundation. Mila ate that one. What can I say? She loves beauty as much as I do. My second bb was black. Ultimately, I had to add the original pink to my collection. Mostly because.. you know… pink!

Hot pink original and black pro beauty blender and blender cleanser review

Overall, the biggest trick when you use a beauty blender is that you have to use it wet. Ms. Silva noted during the podcast that using a beauty blender while dry would be like trying to wash your dishes with a dry sponge. It’s not made to do that and you won’t get great results. Although sometimes this can be a total pain. Especially if you’re doing your makeup in the car or somewhere away from a sink. However, keep a small bottle of setting spray like this one from Smashbox ($15 for travel size). Spritz a couple of sprays on your beauty blender and you’re good to go in a pinch.

When I used a brush, I always put my foundation into a little screw top jar so I could easily dip the brush into the container to apply. However, I didn’t like this method as much with a bb. So I put two pumps of foundation onto the back of my hand and dab my beauty blender onto my hand to pick up the product.

Once you’re ready to apply, just remember to tap, not spread. They call it a “beat” for a reason! It will feel super weird at first, but trust me. When you tap the beauty blender all over your face instead of smearing with a brush or your fingers, you’ll eliminate streaking and splotches and you end up with a smooth and stunning result.

Hot pink beauty blender case

Although the Beauty Blender has many impostors, I’m a big fan of the original. Plus, after my puppy eating my first one, (and being a bit of a germaphobe), I want to make sure mine is protected. With both of those things in mind, I love this plastic storage case from Sephora ($8). It travels well, doesn’t take much space, and has holes in it to allow air flow.

What do you think? Do you use a Beauty Blender? Do you want more video tutorials? What do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below!


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