Some beauty solutions make sense. Your skin is dry? Add some moisturizer and try to drink more water. Maybe your face is breaking out. It probably needs a good cleaning. If your skin is dull, brighten it up by exfoliating away some of what’s weighing you down. However, some beauty solutions just don’t make any sense. For example, let’s talk about face oils.

If your skin is already problematic, why in the world would you ever add more oil? Because face oils are amazing, that’s why! When I first started seeing Donna for cupping (you can read more about that here), I had a few trouble breakout spots that just would not go away. No matter what I tried. She recommended I use tamanu oil on my trouble spots. Within weeks my breakouts had diminished and are now gone. After having such great results, I was ready to expand my face oil knowledge and see what else was out there.

Although it sounds like adding more oil onto your face could turn you into a giant oil slick, I have experienced the opposite. My skin has never been softer or more clear. Plus, using fancy oils before bed just adds such a wonderfully fancy and frivolous feeling step to my nightly skincare routine.

Of course, different oils do different things. So I have several options in my product collection. I think a great way to try out face oils is with a sample pack like this one from Herbivore. With three different oils for $29, you’re sure to find something you love. Unsurprisingly, Orchid is my normal go-to. It smells divine and is supposed to improve your glow while increasing anti-aging and and hydrating properties. However, Phoenix is a great choice for regeneration and a pick me up. Lapis has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but it’s my least favorite smell of the three.

Another great face oil option is Drunk Elephant’s Marula Oil ($40). Marula oil is great for dryness, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. It has very little (if any) smell.

Honestly, I have been surprised by how well face oils work and how easy it was to incorporate them into my life. I love the smooth silky texture and it’s a nice way to end my bedtime routine. Plus, Herbivore and Drunk Elephant are both Clean skincare brands. You can read more about my thoughts on Clean skincare here.

Of course, there are a few important things to remember with face oils. First up, your face oil will always be the last step in your beauty routine. Oil can penetrate lotions and other products. Lotions and other products cannot penetrate oils. So don’t waste all of your money and effort by layering your products incorrectly. Finally, pat your oils into your skin. Don’t rub. It feels weird, but just trust me. It makes a difference.


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