I have a lot of makeup. Unfortunately, I can’t even begin to blame this on being a beauty blogger. Honestly, I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember. Even after two rounds of Marie Kondo-ing my life, I still have a massive collection. Each and every product and color and item bring me so much joy. However, with great joy comes great responsibility. And sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the gems I have if they’re not organized properly. With that being said, I’ve spent a lot of time finding the perfect makeup storage necessities.

First, let’s tackle the biggest hurdle. What is the best way to store my entire collection in one place? IKEA, of course! I love IKEA. Understandably, some people hate it. But I love nothing more than walking through its endless maze looking at the inspiration hiding behind every corner. I even love searching the warehouse and picking the boxes and putting them in the uncontrollable and inconvenient cart thingies. Of course, I always end up going to IKEA by myself and someone always ends up parking way too close to the back of my car and I have to wrestle the boxes into the car incredibly uncomfortably and angrily and with a few inappropriate words. But I digress…

I found the Alex drawer unit ($89) to be the perfect makeup storage piece. It holds my entire collection and fits right next to my vanity (which is also from IKEA). Because it has so many drawers, I further organize my products by dedicating a drawer to different categories. Top to bottom you’ll find: Face/Skincare, Nails, Eyes, Lips, and Hair!

Inside the drawers, I use different sized boxes and lids to further organize my makeup storage. Inside my lip drawer, I’m totally obsessed with these acrylic lipstick organizers from Amazon.

For more every day makeup storage I am loving these Sonia Kashuk cases from Target. When I travel, I always worry about my brushes. So I’m excited about this brush holder ($15) that is super structured and sturdy. Plus, the clean lines and super sleek look makes me happy and feels very expensive. Sephora has a more expensive version by Makeup Forever for $31. Similarly, I’m loving this rectangular train case ($20). It is large enough to hold all of my every day essentials. Plus there’s even a little extra space for additional products and lipstick shades while traveling! Sephora has a larger version for $52, but I think this size is absolutely perfect. Anything bigger would be so hard and inconvenient to carry around. Honestly, I think these are more striking and impressive than some of the more expensive brands.

Last but not least, my final makeup storage idea is a bit more tedious. One of the easiest ways to clean up your makeup collection is to de-pot your eyeshadows and put them all in a magnetic palette like this one from Sephora ($12). Sephora Collection eye shadows come with magnets already on the bottom of their individual shadows and the packaging is actually made to pop the little pan right out! Other brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and MAC Cosmetics sell individual eyeshadows with magnetic bottoms and no outer packaging. However, if you have some old school eye shadows that are in plastic cases, you can (very carefully) remove them from their packaging by hand. The empty magnetic palette even comes with instructions, tools, and magnets to help!

What are your biggest makeup storage problems? Or do you have any amazing makeup storage solutions that you love? Let me know in the comments below!


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