As far back as I can remember, red lipstick has been a big part of my life. From dance recitals to halloween costumes, and dances to date nights, I have always been a big fan of a classic red lip. Because of my long standing relationship with red lipstick, picking the right color and applying it correctly has become second nature. Although it comes easy to me, I know red lips aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, even just thinking about how to apply red lipstick can be downright scary.

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But never fear, my friends! I am here to break down the process and show you exactly how to apply red lipstick without a care. First up, you need to pick your poison. Are you a liquid lipstick or a traditional lipstick kind of gal? For a long time I was a traditional lipstick purist. I thought I would be buried with my MAC Russian Red lipstick. However, lately I’ve been won over by Sephora Always Red Liquid Lipstick. Although it may be a bit more scary and mistakes might be harder to fix, I prefer liquid lipstick to traditional when it comes to easy application. Plus, since a lot of liquid lipsticks are longwear formulas, they stay perfect and don’t budge. Which is fantastic.

Alright. Now that you’ve got your lipstick, let’s get to the basics. First, I always start with the Cupid’s bow (that’s the pointy part of your upper lip). Start by making an X to define your ideal shape. Use the top points of your X to help line the remainder of your upper lip. Generally, I tend to line the left side and then the right. Now that your upper lip is lined, fill it in! Next up, bottom lip! Some people like to draw a – across the edge of their bottom lip and line from there, just like on the top. However, I tend to start at the left outer corner and line toward the middle. Then I do the same from the right corner. Finally, fill in your lower lip. Touch up any places you may have missed or that might need a bit more color.

That’s it friends! Now you know how to apply red lipstick. I told you it would be easy!


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