Do you ever have tasks that you absolutely dread but then once they’re done you’re like “ahhhhh, that felt really great”? I have a lot of those. For example, going to the gym. Or doing anything social. Also, sometimes just taking a shower. However, these are the tasks we should make time for. To truly appreciate how good they make us feel and how little effort they actually take. It seems that for almost every girl I know, washing their makeup brushes is one of these tasks. Surprisingly, I get asked the same question quite often – “Ugh! But how am I even supposed to clean makeup brushes?”

Actually friends, it’s quite simple! Do you remember washing paint brushes at the end of art class? It’s kind of like that! Except these brushes cost a lot more money.


First you have to decide what you want to use to clean your brushes. In fact, that’s the most important part of why you need to clean makeup brushes. For example, have you had any pesky breakouts lately? They could have been caused by your dirty makeup brushes! Who knew? Of course you can use “official” brush cleansing products like Sephora’s Solid Brush Cleanser ($14), or Beauty Blender’s Liquid Blender Cleanser ($18). However, you can also use Dawn dish soap, or even baby shampoo! With such accessible products, it’s hard to have any excuse to not clean makeup brushes.

Now that you’ve picked your poison, it’s time to wash! Here is my preferred way to wash my brushes. However, you’re a grown up and can do as you please. You don’t have to do it my way. This time.

First, I like to fill the sink about halfway with warm water. Of course, I prefer to wash my brushes from cleanest to dirtiest. There’s just something so satisfying about watching all of the crazy colors wash out of my brushes. Plus, if I start with the easy ones, I feel like I get done faster. Wet the brush hair and wash it with your cleanser of choice. It’s just like washing your hair. Be gentle! I swirl the brush around in the palm of my hand like I’m whisking cake batter. Once complete, rinse your brush until the water runs clear. Repeat for every brush!


Now for the most important part. Shake your clean brush a couple of times to get rid of excess water. Then lay it flat in a safe place to dry. If for some reason your brush hairs look really crazy or out of place, re-situate them so they dry properly. Make sure they have enough room to breathe! Finally, leave them alone to dry in peace!

Although it is important to wash your brushes, it is also important that they dry fully and properly. You don’t want them to dry crooked or smashed. You paid a lot of money for those babies! Now, don’t forget that they will take a while to dry. I prefer to clean my brushes on a Sunday afternoon so they have until Monday morning to dry. Using your brushes while wet or damp won’t ruin them. However, it could ruin any powder products or dilute liquids. Plus they won’t blend properly and leave crazy streaks on your face. And ain’t nobody got time for that!


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