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Summer Fridays R+R Mask Review

Everything is coming up roses. From paint swatches, to skincare, to the vase on my kitchen table, we seem to be looking at life through rose colored glasses lately. And I’m all for it people! Bring on the springtime! I’m ready for a good warm up and a change of scenery. Both outside and in my wardrobe. As for ushering in a new wave of life, freshness, and all around happy, the new Summer Fridays R+R Mask does not disappoint.

In fact, the 3rd mask installment from skincare brand standout Summer Fridays might just be the breath of fresh air we all desperately need. As you probably already know, I’m totally obsessed with the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask (if not, you can read my full review here.) For their third baby, Summer Fridays created a hybrid mask. With a combination of exfoliant, face oil, and the most gorgeous and Instagrammable rose gold packaging, the Summer Fridays R+R Mask is a total triple threat.


Complete with crushed up real rose petals, this mask is as luxurious and glamorous as they come. Of course, there’s just something seductive about massaging a product with crushed up rose petals all over your face. Not to mention, the subtle rose scent is completely intoxicating. Plus the benefits are pretty great too.


First, wash your face. I know, that’s the hardest part of masks and skincare for me too. Next, gently massage Summer Fridays R+R Mask onto your skin. Now we wait. After about 10 minutes, wipe mask off with a damp cloth. Finally, rub in any remaining oils and go about your day!

After using this mask, I didn’t have any remaining oils, but I did follow up with my favorite Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask! Of course, one of the most surprising things was the way the oils melted into my skin during masking. In other words, the longer I wore the mask, the more it felt like the product just melted into my skin.


Overall, I think the Summer Fridays R+R Mask is another great hit. Plus, the brand is part of the CLEAN at Sephora section! Specifically, the Summer Fridays products are free of phthalates, surfactants, petrolatums, BHT, BHA, and silicones. With so many people choosing more natural products, this is another fantastic (and beautiful!) option.


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