Back in October, I was lucky enough to get to attend Sephoria – Sephora’s first ever fully immersive beauty experience. Upon leaving, we were gifted some amazing swag bags. Among all of the incredible items was the super cute Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush.

Kaja Cheeky Stamp

A feel-good brand from Korea, Kaja has sent an infusion of fun and playfulness through the beauty world. Of course, almost all of their packaging is millennial pink, and there is such a “light” and “fun” quality to all of their products. Nonetheless, this cheeky little baby does not disappoint.

In spite of its inherent cuteness, I probably would not have purchased the Kaja Cheeky Stamp on my own. Overall, it’s just too gimmicky. However. After using this cute little guy, my opinions have completely changed.

Kaja Cheeky Stamp

Although it does feel a little bit like play makeup, the quality of the packaging and the blush itself are fantastic. I love that it is self contained and the little sponge is protected from any other products that may go rogue. Plus, it’s just really super fun to stamp makeup all over your face. Of course, you do have to blend it out after. But that’s super easy. Especially with a stippling brush like this one.

Kaja Cheeky Stamp

Overall, my only wish for this product is that I had it in the shade Saucy or Feisty instead of my current shade Coy. I generally prefer a more “pink” blush to brighten things up a bit. However, I think this shade will be fantastic during the summer. Especially when I’m going for a “no makeup” kind of look. In fact, that might be my favorite way to wear the Kaja Cheeky Stamp! Paired with just some mascara and a hint of lip balm. Perfection!


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