Holiday gift sets are probably one of my favorite things to review. As to be expected, the packaging is always super amazing and the products are usually cute tiny little minis. And as everyone knows, good things come in small packages. Am I right? As you probably know, I spend a lot of time in Sephora and on their website. And I mean A LOT OF TIME. What am I doing there? Finding the most perfect products to share with all of you, of course! So with the upcoming holidays (and out of the kindness of my heart), I’ve compiled a list of the best Sephora holiday gift sets for your gifting inspiration.


But what does it take to get on this list? As with any great list, there are a few rules. 1. It must be a gift set – no regular old single products that Sephora sometimes lumps into the “gift set” category. 2. The gift set must be a good value. 3. The products must be amazing! I can’t lead you guys astray with products I don’t love or believe in! Plus, every gift set on this list is $25 or under. Are you ready? Let’s get gifting!


Deborah Lippmann A Winter Romance Nail Polish Duo – $19
Of course with just packaging alone, this is one of my favorite gift sets. Although the colors are amazing too. But come on! These nail polishes are wearing clothes! Plus it reminds me of the time my mom put a wine bottle fur stole on Mila. Pics or it didn’t happen? Here’s your proof…


Anyway, back to the nail duo. I love that one is super crazy sparkly and the other is a more refined metallic/holographic. Of course both could be used on their own or as a topcoat to take your look up a notch.

Beautyblender Sweet Surprise Mystery Blind Bag – $20
Lately I have become a huge Beautyblender fan. Not only does it help my foundation look amazing all day long, but it’s just a lot of fun to use too. Now, there is something about this kit that makes me a bit hesitant. Namely the surprise part! In each bag, you will receive one mini blendercleanser solid and one beautyblender in one of 4 colors – pink, yellow, blue, or a “rare mystery” color. As a control freak, this really stresses me out. Of course I want the pink one! However, if you’re a little more laid back and don’t care what color you get, this set is a lot of fun.


Living Proof All I Want Is Dry Shampoo – $23
Unsurprisingly, I had to include my favorite dry shampoo on this list. If you want to know more about how much I love this dry shampoo, you can read my full review here. But the best part of this set is that you’re essentially buying a bottle of dry shampoo and getting the travel size bottle for free! How could you skip this deal?


Pat McGrath Labs Lust: Mini MatteTrance Trio – $25
As you probably know from some of my other Pat McGrath posts, I’m a huge Pat McGrath fan. As one of the most popular and leading makeup artists in the game, her products are always incredible. From the formulas to the shades to the packaging, Mother never misses. However, it’s always hard to find her products in store to swatch. So when I found this gift set of 3 mini lipsticks for $25, I knew the juice would be worth the squeeze. Moreover, the formulas and colors in this set are amazing. Plus, the packaging is just so cute and fully Instagrammable.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Set Mini – $25
Of course no holiday gift list would be complete without a glitter lipgloss. I’m so obsessed with these glosses it’s crazy. With 4 different shades and the most intense glitter formula, these glosses are the tops. In particular, the shade Diamond is my all time favorite. It’s actually the reason I bought this set. Furthermore, Citrine, Pearl, and Pink Tourmaline are equally amazing and stunning. But there’s just something about the full spectrum sparkle in Diamond that completely won my heart.

Sephora Collection Face Mask Magic – $25
Next up on the list is the face mask set from Sephora Collection. For $25 you get 6 face masks. In fact this set is perfect for keeping, gifting, or even splitting up the masks to add something extra special to stockings or other gifts. Not only do you get six masks in this set, but each mask can be used more than once. If you’re not talented enough to fold the mask back up and put it back in the little pouch, you can always just keep the excess liquid in the pouch and apply it directly to your face later.


Peace Out Favorites – $25
Peace Out Acne Healing Dots have quickly become a staple in my skincare 911 kit. They totally save me every time I get a major breakout. Plus, in addition to the 20 healing dots, this set also includes 2 sets of puffy eye patches, a pore strip, and a blackhead strip. Since a set of 20 healing dots is $19, you’re getting all of the rest for a grand total of $6!


Overall, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of Sephora holiday gift sets. Not to mention great things come in small packages! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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