Of course it’s no surprise that I love Christmas. I love any excuse to show my friends and family how much I love and appreciate them. Not to mention getting to cover every possible square inch of space in glitter and sparkle and decor. Whether it’s wrapping presents and tying the perfect bow, decorating the tree and mantle, or baking so many different kinds of cookies, I love everything about holiday preparations. But one of the most important factors for enjoying the process is the soundtrack! Just like any good movie, your life needs a fantastic soundtrack. With that in mind, I’ve created the Ultimate Christmas Decorating Playlist.


When creating this list, I tried to bring in some of the classics mixed with a bit of pop culture flair. Whenever I decorate, clean, or try to be otherwise productive, I feel like the more up-beat my music is, the more up-beat my mood and productivity are. However, I also wanted to include some of the classics and tried and true favorites. I also picked my favorite versions of songs that have been recorded over and over. No need to have an entire list of one song recorded by 40 different artists! With that being said, you will find multiple songs by John Legend, Kenny G, Ariana Grande, and of course Michael Buble. Because you can’t have Christmas without Michael Buble!


Obviously, there are going to be some songs on this play list that you might not agree with. But that’s ok! We don’t all have to have the same likes all the time. But we can all still have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

You can find my Ultimate Christmas Decorating Playlist on Spotify here and on iTunes here. You might want to listen to this playlist on shuffle, as there was no rhyme or reason to the order I uploaded the songs. =)

Plus, it’s even perfect for listening as you sit back and admire all of your hard work!


Happy decorating!


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