I really admire people who can travel without checking a bag. As you could probably guess, I am a notorious over packer. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, or beauty products, I feel the need to bring them all. What if I need something? Of course the obvious answer would be to buy whatever I need when I get wherever I’m going. But I really hate paying higher prices for smaller quantities of things I already own. It drives me crazy. With all of our travel lately, I have been inspired by a couple of my girls to pack a bit lighter. While I say I’m “packing lighter”, I’m actually just packing smarter. My secret? Solid beauty products.


Now, it’s super easy for me to reduce the amount of clothes and shoes to pack. By using my handy packing checklist, I can remind myself what I will actually need or use, and convince myself to remove superfluous items from my bag. But when it comes to makeup and skincare, it’s not that easy. I might need something! Now, I’m all for change and trying new things, but not at the expense of my skin. I’ll check a bag to prevent a giant pimple breakout any day. Plus, how in the world am I supposed to fit everything I need into a tiny little baggie? That’s where solid beauty products come in so handy!


Solid Shampoo – Lush – Shampoo Bar – $11.95

Good for 100 washes, this solid shampoo bar is so cool. Lately, my travel shampoo bottle explodes every time I travel. Every. Single. Time. Luckily, I found this Lush shampoo bar. It actually creates suds like normal shampoo, but won’t leak all over your travel bag. However, don’t try to go into the Lush store and pick solely on smell. Each bar does something different and the smell you like the most may not be the best for your hair type. I really wanted the jasmine scented one, but it has a heavy conditioner in it that would have totally weighed down my hair. However, this rose scented one is amazing. It has just enough hydration in it that I don’t need to condition my hair. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Powder Face Wash – Clinique – Fresh Pressed Powdered Cleanser – $29.50

A friend of mine has been using this cleanser for years. I never tried it because it seemed so wasteful. I had the same complex when I switched to daily contacts. But, when used just for travel, I absolutely love them. Since they come in little individual packets, you just grab the number of packets you think you might need, and go! Didn’t use them all? Leave them in your travel bag for next time! Easy as pie.


Solid Skincare – MILK – Cooling Water – $24

The solid skincare concept from MILK has always fascinated me. Are they hygienic? How do these little push pop looking products actually work? Well, let me tell you. This MILK Cooling Water is wonderful. It’s so nice to just swipe on your face at the end (or beginning!) of the day and not get your hands dirty. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and is so easy on the go.


Solid Perfume – diptyque – Solid Perfume – $50

Unfortunately, this is the least common solid beauty product I could find, but probably the one I need the most! I am ashamed at the number of times I have broken a perfume bottle by dropping it in a hotel bathroom. Luckily a few were just samples or small travel sizes. But that doesn’t make it less sad! Not every perfume comes in a solid form, and if you’re like me, you’re really picky about your perfume. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones to find your perfume in a solid, you should totally do it! These diptyque solid perfumes are so pretty and I love the soft romantic jasmine smell of the Do Son. I also found solid perfumes from Elizabeth and James and Derek Lam 10 Crosby.


Powder Dry Shampoo – VERB – Dry Shampoo – $16

I don’t go anywhere without dry shampoo. But those little aerosol bottles can take up so much space! That makes this VERB dry shampoo perfect for travel. It’s just as effective as my aerosol dry shampoo, takes up less space, is TSA friendly, and it makes me feel a little more environmentally friendly too.

Admittedly, I am high maintenance. Even swapping my usuals for these solid beauty products for travel, I will still need my little TSA liquids baggie. I haven’t found a good sunscreen or toothpaste alternative, and I love traveling with my essential oils. Plus, I don’t go anywhere without hand sanitizer. Especially an airplane! But at least I can travel with just a carry on bag now!


P.S. – LUSH USA has a huge selection of additional solid beauty products for travel or for home including massage bars, conditioners, mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo, perfume, and more.

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