Anastasia Sultry Palette – Full Review

One of my favorite things about holiday parties is the glam. I love spending the afternoon curling my hair, listening to music, and creating the perfect look. For me, getting ready is almost more fun than the actual events! Plus, the holidays are filled with so much glitter and sparkle that I just can’t help but embrace it. So, as you can imagine, holiday makeup collections are hard for me to pass up. I just can’t help myself! The Anastasia Beverly Hills holiday collection is no different. With such sparkle and class, it was hard to decide what to buy. However, as a cool-toned sparkle-filled smokey eye palette, the Anastasia Sultry Palette was calling my name.


Upon first open, I was kind of surprised that the colors are a bit more muted than in the ABH promotional images. Although, that actually made me happy because that meant the palette would be a lot more user friendly.  I have always been a fan of the original ABH suede palette packaging. But I have to say, I really love this new glitter packaging. Anything glitter is alright with me!


Honestly, at first I was super afraid of the shade Bloom. I wasn’t sure how a coral color fit into such an amazing cool toned smoky eye palette. But I totally love this look I created using it.


My favorite thing about the Anastasia Sultry Palette is how versatile it is. Whether it’s a glam smoky eye, a neutral every day look, or something soft and romantic, this palette can do it all.

Here are some of my favorite pairings:

Romantic (pictured above): Birch – Prime Crease, Rose Quartz – Lid, Bloom – Tight Crease/Outer Corner

Neutral: Twig – Prime Crease/Outer Corner, Cinder – Lid

Soft Glam: Twig – Prime Crease, Teak – Lid, Dystopian – Tight Crease/Outer Corner

Smoky (pictured below): Slate – Prime Crease, Cyborg – Lid, Noir – Tight Crease/Outer Corner


Another thing I love about this palette is that it not only contains a good mix of browns and silvers, but also includes a black. I love having a true black shadow at my disposal when creating an intense smoky eye. It just really helps to get that extra depth and… well… smoke.

Overall, the Anastasia Sultry Palette is another surefire hit by the house of ABH. What do you think?


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  1. I think this palette is really beautiful and perfect for fall. My favorite look is the Smokey look youโ€™ve created! I love the drama it brings to your eyes.

    For my complexion, I donโ€™t really love the way cool tones look on me so I wonโ€™t be buying (but I have 4 other palettes I need to use up first anyway *cough* Norvina *cough*). Great post!

    Dom |

    1. alwaysinhighheels says:

      Thanks Dom! I bet Norvina looks AMAZING on you!

  2. […] you probably already know from my Norvina Palette and Sultry Palette reviews, I am a huge fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows. Although they are usually more […]

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