I love mascara. If I could only wear one makeup product for the rest of  my life, mascara would be that product. With that in mind, I am super particular about which kind I wear. Now, this is going to sound like a total First World Problem, but some mascaras just don’t treat my lashes right. They are too runny or too clumpy, or they get flakey. And no one wants to be described as flakey! In my Goldilocks search to find the perfect mascara, I have tried just about every brand. Both drug store and department store. So, when I came across the new Hourglass Caution mascara boasting “endless length”, “intense volume”, and a color so black they named it “ultra black”, I wondered if I met my match.


Fully named “Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara” (available at Nordstrom for $29), this ultra black mascara is what dreams are made of. The packaging is just too cool. It is so sleek and shiny and gold and gives a hint of luxury glam mixed with the sleek technology of the future. Furthermore, it has the most amazing brush I’ve ever come across. The 4D brush is a combination of two different brushes to deliver length, volume, lift, and definition. And it totally delivers. When applying my mascara, I swipe on the first coat, rotate the triangular brush in my hand, and swipe again. Finally, when my lashes are just about perfect, I rotate the brush to the third side and go over them one last time. Gotta make sure I take full advantage of every aspect of this brush!


(One eye with the Hourglass Caution mascara and one without so you can really see the difference!)

Although I love this brush and formula, one of my absolute most favorite things about the Hourglass Caution mascara is the way it washes off. Every time I wash my face I always end up losing so many lashes. They either break off, or just flat out fall out. However, with this mascara, that’s not the case! Each day my lashes are like new. No more damage! Yay! It actually reminds me of the mascara that used to be so popular that had a white end and a black end and would coat your lashes in “tubes” and then when you washed it off the tubes kind of just came off.


Each and every time I use my Hourglass Caution mascara, I get almost fake looking lashes. I’m so in love with this mascara I’ve already bought a second for when I run out. My lashes are just so long and perfectly feathered, and of course Ultra Black. Caution indeed!


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