When thinking about blue eye shadow, two kinds of people come to mind. On one hand, you have Barbie. A clean and classic beauty with iconic azul lids. Who wouldn’t want to be Barbie? Alternately, you’ve got Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. Not exactly a beauty role model, am I right? Despite this comparison, blue eye shadows are popping up everywhere. From the KKW x Mario palette, to the MAC x Patrickstarrr collaboration, eye shadow palettes are blooming with blue. However, I know a lot of people shy away from attempting a cerulean stare out of fear of looking more in line with the second example. But I’m here to tell you you’re a total Barbie! And not only that, but, I’m here to show you how to wear blue eye shadow like a total boss Barbie!

Wear Blue Eyeshadow 03

First of all, if you’re going to wear blue eye shadow, remember that it is a statement piece. Like a big necklace or a hot pair of shoes. So, coordinate the rest of your look carefully. Keep the rest of your makeup clean and simple. Maybe a light pink or coral lip and just a hint of blush. For maximum drama, keep your outfit neutral. Stick with black, white, nude, or pastels if you need a bit of additional color. But I would stay away from getting too “matchy matchy” and wearing too many different shades of blue. However, a black dress and a coordinating bold blue shoe make this look hot, hot, hot!

Wear Blue Eyeshadow 06

Ready to get started? First things first, prep your lids with a primer, if desired, and then a neutral shadow in the crease. Next, load up the blue eye shadow! Press your eye shadow onto your lid. Make sure the shadow stays right on your lid and doesn’t get too far out in your crease. Then, using a blending brush, sweep the edges of your eye shadow to gently blend and fade the edges of the color.

Wear Blue Eyeshadow 02

Finally, add some black eye liner to give your look a polishing touch. Want your look to be extra glam? Add an extended wing to create a bold cat eye.

Loving the blue trend but not quite ready to wear blue eye shadow? Try a navy eyeliner like this one!


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