As a little girl, I thought my family was just like everyone else’s. Big, wild, crazy, and oh so loud. We hardly ever actually planned family get-togethers. Everyone just kind of had a way of showing up at the same house at the same time. However, as I got older, I realized that not all families are like that. Other families don’t throw Hunger Games themed parties where everyone shows up in costume to compete in backyard games like throwing knives at watermelon. But mine does. And I love them for it. Subsequently, our traditions are like that too. Of course, one of my favorite unique family traditions would have to be May Day Baskets.

May Day Baskets 04

What are May Day Baskets? Traditionally, on May 1st, a little basket of flowers and treats would be left on the doorstep(s) of friends and loved ones. Not only could you leave baskets for your current loves, but you could also leave baskets to express your interest in future loves. How much fun would it be if traditions like this still existed? Imagine you walk out to your car on your way to work and find a cute little basket of flowers hanging on your door – instead of bad pickup lines on dating apps.

Each spring, my mom would let us pick flowers from the yard and help us create and fill little baskets. Then, she would take us to deliver them to our grandparents. Not only did we love seeing our grandparents smile, but it was so much fun to have an actual excuse to ring the doorbell and run away.

May Day Baskets 01

Overall, the concept of May Day Baskets is a simple one. Get a basket. Fill it with flowers. Place it on the door step of a loved one, friend, or neighbor. Although, it does help to know if they are going to be home, as seeing the happiness (or confusion!) on their face is half the fun. However, I think making simple paper baskets brings an element of authenticity and love to this project.

May Day Baskets 02

First, gather your choice of paper and cut it into squares. Next, fold your paper triangle into the shape of a cone and tape or glue the two sides together. Now, you can either stop here, or add a little handle. Whichever aesthetic you like best!

Small flower bundles with water for travel

I recommend placing your flowers into a little plastic baggie with some water or a wet paper towel and secure with a rubber band. Not only will this help your flowers stay in place, but also makes sure they stay alive a bit longer. Once your flowers are arranged in their baggies, it’s time to put them inside your baskets and deliver them!

If you want to kick the sentiment up a notch, you can always add a cute handwritten note! This last step is not only #worthit to get extra bonus points, but it’s also helpful if the recipient isn’t home. Unless you prefer the “secret admirer” approach.

Dog with a May Day basket

Overall, I love anything that involves flowers and surprises, so of course this tradition is one of my favorites. Are you planning on leaving May Day Baskets for your loved ones? Do you have any special Spring traditions? Comment below!


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