I’m not sure about you, but working in fashion, I’ve heard SO much about florals this spring. And every time I hear someone talk about it, all I hear is Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada saying “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”  So when I first found out that MAC Cosmetics collaborated with mega-influencer and makeup artist extraordinaire Patrick Starrr to create a floral themed set of makeup kits, I wasn’t sure I was interested. However, there’s just something about the fabulous promotional images that kept drawing me back. Upon discovering that the Patrickstarrr Me So Chic / Me So Fleek products came in a full kit instead of individual pieces, I had to see it for myself.

MAC Cosmetics Patrickstarrr Me So Chic Kit 04

The new MAC Cosmetics x Patrickstarrr kit comes in two versions. Both include a 4 shadow palette, a lip gloss, a lip stick, and a powder blush duo. All of that for a total cost of $49.50. To put this in perspective, if you bought each of those items individually, it would cost $97. Not to mention the fact that the kits include so many limited edition colors. My only hesitation in regard to these kits is the packaging. I’m such a sucker for the clean, sleek, traditional black packaging of MAC products and I’m not a huge fan of gimmicky or logo-ed packages. But these colors are just so good!

MAC Cosmetics Patrickstarrr Me So Chic Kit 03

Now how is a girl supposed to choose? The MAC x Patrickstarrr Me So Chic Kit focuses on ultraviolet purples (the color of the year!), and a nude lip. On the flip side, the MAC x Patrickstarrr Me So Fleek Kit is a bit more vivacious focusing on hot pink with a splash of blue. Ultimately, I chose the Me So Chic Kit. I felt like I would get more use out of the purples and neutrals. The eye shadow Daddystarrr and the lipglass Mamastarrr really sold me. Which says a lot, because I’m usually a total hot pink kind of girl.

MAC eye shadows have the best color payoff. And these colors don’t disappoint. Daddystarrr is my favorite and I can totally see myself using it for even the most basic look. I love the way you can use these shadows to go subdued or completely OTT.

MAC Cosmetics Patrickstarrr Me So Chic Kit 02

The lip colors are so pretty and super neutral. You can use them with every day looks or to anchor something super bold and more fashion forward. Plus you can layer them or use them each individually. Talk about utility players!

I feel like the cheek colors are the weakest link in the MAC Cosmetics x Patrickstarrr Me So Chic Kit. But, honestly, it’s just because I’m not really a brown or coral girl. I wish it was more of a light pink and that the brown color didn’t have a shimmer so it could be used as more of a bronzer/contour.

MAC Cosmetics Patrickstarrr Me So Chic Kit 01

Overall, I love these kits and hope their bright colors and bold florals will finally usher in some actual Spring weather!


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