I’ve had my eye on GlamGlow #glittermask Gravitymud for a long time. Not because I care about its amazing firming and tightening benefits. I just really want to cover my face with more glitter. As always, I’m up for any excuse for more glitter. Plus, I’ve always been a huge fan of peel off masks. So, when I heard there was going to be a collab between GlamGlow and My Little Pony, I had to know more. When I discovered the GlamGlow My Little Pony mashup came in pink, I was sold!

I am a huge fan of anything GlamGlow. I use the Volcasmic moisturizer every morning and the DreamDuo overnight transforming treatment at night. Each product has the signature GlamGlow smell, and they all do wonders for my skin. The Supermud clearing treatment has always been my favorite mask. Until today.

GlamGlow My Little Pony Mask 02

The GlamGlow My Little Pony mask comes in three colors. Pinkie Pie (pink glitter), Twilight Sparkle (purple glitter), and Princess Luna (black glitter). Of course I had to choose the Pinkie Pie version! Although, it was a close call. Princess Luna was totally calling my name, but since it’s the same color and glitter as the original #glittermask, I had to go with the limited edition pink.

Once I received my GlamGlow My Little Pony mask, I had to open it and try it immediately. The packaging is so cute. As soon as I opened the box, there was an adorable little Pinkie Pie face staring up at me. How can you have a bad day when you’re getting ready to put on a hot pink glitter face mask and there’s a super cute smiling little face cheering you on?

GlamGlow My Little Pony Mask 03

Surprisingly, this mask had even more glitter in it than I anticipated. I mean it is SO sparkly. Plus, the glitter is iridescent, so that just ups the sparkle factor even more. The scent is light and pleasant. It smelled vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place it. The only issue I had the first time I used the GlamGlow My Little Pony mask was that I put it on a bit too thick. This made it take FOREVER to dry and eventually I just wiped the last little bit off, because it was bed time, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

GlamGlow My Little Pony Mask 04

After I removed the mask, my skin felt great and very smooth. I didn’t notice any residue and my face didn’t feel dried out at all. Overall, I love this mask and I am so happy I added it to my mask collection. The little jar is so cute on my vanity, and the hot pink glittery-ness is sure to brighten up the gloomiest of days.

GlamGlow My Little Pony Mask 05

Which GlamGlow x My Little Pony girl are you? Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, or Princess Luna? Comment below!


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