Every once in a while, there is a product or trend that I just don’t follow. Sometimes it’s because I’m afraid of it. Others, it’s just because I’m intimidated by it and don’t think I can pull it off. The Unicorn trend is a prime example. Generally, I’ve shied away from this trend because I was a child of the 90’s and know just how bad light blue makeup can turn out. However, when Too Faced re-launched its Unicorn Tears in conjunction with their “Life is a Festival” collection, they also added 3 other mythical creature tears to the mix. With the addition of pinks and purples, I finally was brave enough to try the full Too Faced Festival Lip Collection.

Too Faced Life Is A Festival Lip Collection

Overall, I love the packaging of the Too Faced Festival lip products. The sleek gold packaging of the lipstick is smooth and classic. The lip toppers are a little more “themed” in their packaging, but the little vials totally show off their extra sparkly nature, which is great.

Too Faced Life Is A Festival Lip Collection Fairy Tears

The biggest surprise for me was that the advertised colors – green, blue, yellow, and pearl – are not actually how these products look when on your lips! I’m not going to lie. I think I winced a bit (or at least cringed) when I went to apply the Mermaid Tears lipstick for the first time. How was I going to look with green lips? Was I going to go full Wicked? My voice is definitely not Broadway ready!

Too Faced Festival Lip Unicorn Tears 03

First up, the cult classic Unicorn Tears. This is the only one of the four colors that actually made someone comment. Of course, part of that could be because I wore them all to work. Luckily, when  you work in fashion no one really cares if you show up to work in blue glitter lipstick.

Too Faced Festival Lip Angel Tears 02

Next up, we have Angel Tears. This is definitely the least ostentatious of the 4 tears. It is a more “natural” champagne color. My only wish is that the lip topper was a bit thicker. The color seemed to be a bit milky and separated. However, the longer I wore it, the better it seemed to sit on my lips.

Too Faced Festival Lip Fairy Tears 02

Our third set of tears is Fairy Tears. Honestly, I thought this one was going to be my favorite. Well, I guess I really wanted it to be my favorite just because it involves fairies. All in all, it was a little too bright pink for me. I know, I know. I think my middle school self just died a little inside when I said that. Although it looks really pretty in this picture, there was just something about it in person that felt “too much”.

Too Faced Festival Lip Mermaid Tears 01

Last, but not least, my favorite of the Too Faced Festival Lip collection – Mermaid Tears. Probably the most shocking and scary of the 4 tears, this green pair had me very intimidated. So imagine my shock when the green hued mermaid tears turned a lovely shade of iris on my lips. I was mesmerized. The amount of glitter in each of these lip products is just impressive. I even loved the lip topper by itself. Plus, purple is the color of the season, and when in Rome…

In the end, I loved all 4 of the Too Faced Festival Lip collection colors. The longer I wore each color, the more I liked them. Their color changing properties reminded me of the pH balancing lip products I love so much. Surprisingly, I actually like the lip toppers better than the lipsticks. Plus I can just imagine the possibilities of mixing these toppers with other lipsticks. Anything for some extra glitter, am I right?

Too Faced Festival Lip Mermaid Tears 06

Which mythical tears are your favorite? Comment below!


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6 Replies to “Too Faced Festival Lip Review”

    1. I love a good nude or vamp lip! What are some of your favorites? I’m loving MAC Mehr for spring.

      1. I love deep purples, reds and nudes but I only have Milani from the drug store. It’s cheap and does exactly what I need it to do! I’ve just bought some new lip glosses; I want to switch up my look for spring! So new nudes here I come!

        Dom | http://www.DivaNamedDom.com

      2. Inexpensive and reliable is a fantastic combination! I’ll have to check out Milani! Thanks for the tip!

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