When I started working in the bridal industry, I stopped wearing lipstick to the office. How could the queen of red lipstick possibly give up lipstick, you ask? Well, it was a difficult feat. However, I was not going to be the one to get lipstick on a one of a kind bridal gown. Fear can be a great motivator. When I did begin wearing lipstick again, it was always a “stay all day” kind. And we all know that can be super drying. So, when I found out about Too Faced Lip Insurance, it piqued my interest. A way to make ANY lipstick in my collection last all day? Yes, please!

Too Faced Lip Insurance 04

Upon application, I was surprised Too Faced Lip Insurance is completely clear. I’m not sure what I was expecting – maybe like some sort of tint or residue or something. Like when you accidentally get foundation on your lips. However, this is not the case. I couldn’t even tell I had put any product on! My lips looked completely normal.

Since longwear lipsticks don’t need any help lasting throughout the day, I only tested this product with regular lipstick and lipgloss. I used MAC Cosmetics lipstick in Mehr and MAC Cosmetics Creamsheen Gloss in Deelight.

Too Faced Lip Insurance 03

When wearing Too Faced Lip Insurance with lipgloss, I got an extra 2 hours of wear out of my gloss! And when wearing it with regular lipstick, I got at least an extra 4 hours! I still had lipstick on when I took my makeup off that night. I was so impressed.

Too Faced Lip Insurance 01

Ultimately, Too Faced Lip Insurance is a great product to wear with both regular lipstick and lipgloss. It is very light and easy and a simple step to add to your routine. Not a bad trade off for a full day of lipstick!


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