I miss protein shakes and bars. Before partaking in Whole30, I never thought I would say those words. However, it’s honestly one of the things I miss most. Sometimes the day just gets away from me and I need quick and easy protein. After completing the reintroduction phase, I found out that not only am I allergic to dairy, but I’m allergic to legumes also. Does anyone know what the most common source of protein is for vegan protein products? Spoiler alert… it’s pea protein! So, when my best friend asked me to do a post on protein bars, I pretty much just told her it wasn’t going to happen. However, I have stumbled across the most amazing paleo protein bar. No whey or peas in sight! Woo hoo!

Paleo Protein Bar

This Pure Sunflower Butter Paleo Protein Bar is made from egg white protein and – you guessed it – sunflower butter. (I ordered mine from Amazon.) At only 150 calories and 20 grams of protein, these little guys pack a punch. I am a huge fan of any high protein snack I can carry around in my purse. And a protein bar is a lot easier to explain than a couple of hard boiled eggs. Although, at first glance, the 28 carbs may seem like a turnoff. However, when combined with 23 grams of dietary fiber, you really only end up with 5 net carbs. At first, this confused the heck out of me. How can you only have 1 gram of sugar but 28 carbs? Nutrition is weird.  Plus, you get all of that nutrition with only 5 ingredients! Amazing.

Paleo Protein Bar 02

Now that we’ve discussed nutrition, you’re probably wondering how something with no gluten, dairy, or chocolate could possibly taste. Especially since protein bars aren’t exactly known to be the most delectable. I have to admit, it’s really pretty great! The texture and consistency is almost like a dense nougat. Or Laffy Taffy. My only complaint is that sometimes it sticks to the front of my teeth after I take a bite. I highly advise you to not take a big bite mid-conversation. That might get a bit awkward. But, I guess I highly advise you to not take a big bite of anything mid-conversation. That’s just plain etiquette.

Overall, I’m very excited to have found this paleo protein bar. It makes me so happy to have a high protein snack always at my fingertips. Meal prep is exhausting.



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