Notably, Valentine’s Day falls on Ash Wednesday this year. Unfortunately, for those of us planning on participating in Whole30 for Lent, this means a lot less chocolate will be consumed. How disappointing. Plus, it most likely means a romantic night in instead of a fancy restaurant. But that’s ok! Sometimes the best nights are spent at home. To help make things easy, I compiled my favorite recipes to create an awesome Whole30 Valentine’s Day dinner.

Paleo Football Snacks 03

First up, let’s talk appetizers! From my post “Paleo Football Snacks”, I recommend bacon wrapped dates. Surprisingly, these little gems are the perfect intro to a romantic evening. They are gooey, salty, and so decadent. In addition, they are so incredibly easy but look very fancy.

Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup Final

For the next course, we have Chipotle Sweet Potato soup. Since garlic, sweet potatoes, and peppers are all aphrodisiacs, this one is a no brainer! Plus, it’s a great recipe to make together.  You just chop up all of the ingredients, let it cook, and then blend! Lest leaving lots of extra time for romance! Wink, wink.

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake Final

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Bake is the perfect entree for your Whole30 Valentine’s Day dinner. Chiefly, it resembles a dish you would get at a fancy Italian restaurant. In fact, it’s one of the most gluttonous tasting Whole30 recipes I have ever tasted. Even if your date isn’t participating in Whole30, they will love this. Now, this one does take a little bit of prep time, but you can prepare the spaghetti squash ahead of time to make things easier!

Valentine's Day Whole30 02

Last but not least, we have dessert. Now, I know during Whole30 you’re not supposed to have dessert. However, it’s a holiday! So a Whole30 Valentine’s Day dessert is allowed in my book! But you do have to stay compliant. Of course fresh berries with whipped coconut cream is the perfect mix of Whole30 and romance.

Whole30 is about empowerment and taking back control of your health. So there’s no need to let a little holiday stop you or let you down. You can still achieve your goals and have a wonderful romantic evening with your love. Plus, it feels so good to stick to your ideals and get through something tough. Like no chocolate for Valentine’s Day. You can do it. I have faith in you.


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