Men say women are so hard to shop for. But honestly, it can be just as difficult to find the right gift for them! Especially for Valentine’s Day. Since the holiday is generally geared toward women, it can be confusing to find the right balance between thoughtful, romantic, and cheesy without being too “girlie”. Here are my top picks for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him 01

Valentine’s Day boxers – ($16)
First we have one of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Clever boxers are cute, sexy, and super easy to find the right one for your love. Be careful if you search “Valentine’s Day boxers for him”. There are some super NSFW options out there!

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him 02

Watch box – ($140)
Of course, if you are looking for a more luxurious gift, a watch box is a unique gift the sophisticated man in your life will love. For the man in your life who has too many watches to count, or likes the fancy ones you have to wind, this is definitely one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him 03

Monogrammed decanter – ($42)
In addition to funny/clever gifts, I also love personalized things. Monograms are especially easy gifts for men. Because of this, they make great family household pieces or even heirlooms. There is just something extra classy and sexy about a man with a decanter. For some reason it just adds an air of sophistication. Plus, this particular decanter also comes as a set with matching glasses. Need a little something extra? Add a bottle of his favorite spirit!

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him 04

Vintage book box – ($24)
How incredible is this vintage little book box? This is one of those things I never knew I needed until I saw it. I’m even considering buying one of these for myself! It’s like a prop out of a movie. In fact, this would be perfect for home or the office. Both for the regular ol’ guy and the secret agent.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him 05

Monogrammed cuff links and tie bar set – ($57)
Another of my favorite personalized items would be cuff links. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a guy in a french cuff shirt. Plus, these little beauties come in rose gold. And you already know how I feel about rose gold.

Overall, Valentine’s Day isn’t about gifts. It’s about showing those we love how much we appreciate all they do for us. But giving gifts is just so much fun!


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