For most women, lingerie is many things. It can be confusing, overrated, aspirational, or an obsession. However, I feel lingerie should always be a confidence booster, and never a chore. In spite of all of the advertising (and stigma) of current and past lingerie campaigns, the purpose of lingerie is the same as the purpose of makeup. To bring out the best in you. And maybe to enhance your *ahem* assets. The purpose of this lingerie guide is to remind you that lingerie isn’t about models and fashion shows and commercials. It’s about feeling your best and owning your confidence.

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I saw a quote somewhere that said “Women dress for other women. If we dressed for men, we’d walk around naked all the time.” I can’t remember who said it. It might have even been one of those “someecards”. Alas, the sentiment rings true. After asking several of my girlfriends their thoughts on lingerie (as well as those of their partner), almost all said the same thing – “he doesn’t have a favorite” or “he likes it all”. In other words, the thing our partners love most about lingerie is that WE feel sexy.

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Now, just what makes each of us feel sexy is different. Of course the traditional bra and panty sets, teddies, stockings, and garters come to mind, but so should boy shorts, nightgowns, and even t-shirts. This lingerie guide is here to show you that anything can be sexy if it makes you feel confident. You are your own standard of beauty and confidence. For this reason, your partner will respond no matter what you’re wearing. Not a fan of black or red? Mix it up! Choose pink, blue, or even lime green! Whatever makes you feel sexy.

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For example, if you’re a sporty girl and just the thought of lingerie makes you itch, try a cute bralette in crushed velvet like this one with a cute pair of matching bottoms. This sheer cropped tee is also super sexy. Plus, you can hop on the “mixed media” trend and pair it with a cute pair of satin shorts, or even velvet!

Since the point of lingerie is to enhance your confidence, you can also use it to camouflage your flaws. For instance, if you’re concerned about your middle, you could wear a teddy like this one that covers your tummy and shows off your curves.

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Still not comfortable with lingerie, or looking to show a little less skin? Try this super cute satin romper that is an amazing combination of both sweet and sexy. If the cheeky back of that romper is still a bit too sexy, I’m loving this satin floral romper. Especially since florals are so hot right now.

On the other end of the spectrum, are you looking for something more adventurous? No lingerie guide would be complete without something more risqué. 😉 Try this sexy faux leather and lace body suit. Want even more scandal in the bedroom? How about this strappy open cup bralette and matching strappy thong panty.

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Despite the misconception that larger cup sizes don’t get sexy options, there are lots of choices out there! This eyelash lace bra in a sexy black and red combo with matching cut out bikini brief bottoms is an amazing example. So hot!

Just remember that you wear the lingerie – it doesn’t wear you. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a t-shirt and boy shorts, or something that is more string and lace than actual clothes. Being comfortable and confident is what makes you sexy.


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