When I first set out to complete Whole30, I didn’t do a whole lot of planning. I decided I was miserable, had had enough, and needed to make some changes. I didn’t look at my schedule or wait for an arbitrary date. Actually, my Whole30 was during the most inconvenient time possible. Out of 30 days, I was on the road for 14 of them, and in the office with catered food 3 meals a day for 7 of them. Subsequently, that left only one full week of being at home with a full kitchen in which to meal prep. Here’s how I succeeded at Whole30 while traveling.

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Step 1 – Plan ahead. Although I did say I didn’t plan the scheduling of my Whole30, I did plan the heck out of the execution. Pay attention to what meals you may have to cover or supplement, and pack accordingly. Road trips are much easier, but air travel is totally doable.

Step 2 – Do your research. Thanks to the internet, you can find out just about anything at any time. For example – my mom figured out how to fix a broken mixer by watching youtube. Nothing is impossible anymore. My two biggest assets for figuring how how to succeed at Whole30 while traveling were the Whole30 additives list and the TSA website. I found out I could bring apples, cinnamon, hard boiled eggs, frozen grilled chicken, and more on a plane!

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Step 3 – Be prepared. Naturally, my first stop in my Whole30 journey was my neighborhood Target. I bought a little cooler with a shoulder strap (perfect to carry on a plane!) and some ice packs. Before I leave, I grill chicken and prep the rest of my food. While I’m gone, I’m practically my own traveling Craft Services!

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Step 4 – Know who your friends are. Some places are just naturally easier to find food while on Whole30. Starbucks is a great go-to. They have a great assortment of snacks, including a new protein box with hard boiled eggs, apples, and grapes. It does include cheese and a little slice of bread, but I’m sure your travel buddy won’t mind helping you out. As tempting as it may be, just be mindful of your options. A salad place or a fresh food place will be a lot easier to stick to your goals than a Subway or a Chick Fil A.

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Step 4 – Don’t be afraid. One lesson I learned throughout my Whole30 experience and life thereafter, it’s that people are really nice about it. Even the TSA people were understanding! I was so afraid that people would see me as “that girl” that I didn’t go to a restaurant for at least 2 months. However, I have discovered that people are super helpful and supportive. My family is patient when I take a little longer than normal to order, and everyone working in the restaurants I have been to have been really great and very helpful. Most restaurants even have an allergy menu. All you have to do is ask!

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Whole30 while traveling may seem intimidating, but with enough prep and a little bit of heart, anything is possible.


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