I have always loved makeup. Even as a little girl, I would play in my grandma’s Clinque collection. I can still remember that smell and the green marble packaging. Sitting on the floor of her tiny bathroom, surrounded by the most amazing beauty products. Including a prismatic powder box that would have made today’s unicorn lovers insanely jealous. However, bronzer was never high on my priority list. Although I quickly grasped the concept of contouring eye shadow, I always felt that bronzer made me look muddy. Like a spray tan when you have to wait 24 hours before you can shower. But little did I know, when done correctly, bronzer can do amazing things! The most important thing is knowing how to pick the right bronzer.

bronzer 03

When done incorrectly, bad bronzer is really obvious. But when done correctly, good bronzer can bring out the angles in your face and make them totally fierce! Next Level Fierce. During my first attempts at bronzer, I used a “step by step” bronzer kit from a well known cosmetics company. However, I noticed that in pictures, my bronzer stood out as dark and streaky! So, I asked one of my favorite hair and makeup artists her tricks and what I was missing. She said the way to pick the right bronzer is to find a color that matches the natural shadows on your face. This could be under your cheekbones, or even on your neck under your chin.

The whole point of contouring is to increase the depth of the shadows on your face. That’s why I don’t understand sparkly bronzers. I think the vampires from Twilight are the only people that might have sparkly shadows. And spoiler alert… They aren’t real.

Once I changed from my “one size fits all” bronzer kit, to a bronzer that is the right shade for me, I noticed a world of difference. My cheekbones totally pop and I feel like the definition really completes my look. If you can’t find a “bronzer” that is the right shade for you, you can even use a matte eyeshadow! I love a good multi-use product.

Now, HOW you contour is up to you and your individual face. Not all faces need the same contour. Remember how we talked about our face shadows earlier? You really only need to contour where your shadows are (or the ones you want to enhance). When learning to contour, I was taught you make the shape of the number “3”. Starting with your forehead, moving around your eye, under your cheekbone, back to your ear, and down your jaw bone. Then blend, blend, blend!

Bronzer 01

For my face shape, I prefer to just contour the lower half of the “3”. I just use bronzer to define my cheekbone and jaw. That’s just my preference. Like I said earlier, I prefer a matte powder like Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder ($44). But, if you’re more of a cream product kind of person, I also love Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base ($50). This product is huge and lasts forever. Totally worth the cost. I love it during the summer when I don’t need (or want) much other makeup.

Now that you know the what, where, and why, go forth and experiment! See what works best for you and your beautiful face!


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