I strive to live my life by a quote from one of my high school teachers. He said “Every job you have in life is borrowed. There was someone who did it before you, and there will be someone who will do it after you. Your job is to leave things a little bit nicer or easier for the next person.” I like to extend that mentality past my office desk, and into the rest of my life. I love helping make your life easier, healthier, and happier. Whether that is through trying products you’ve been wondering about, sharing new recipes, or answering your questions about my favorite things. Or even just making you laugh or bringing a smile to your face. However, today we’re going a little more superficial. I’m here to make your life easier by sharing my top picks for the best Nordstrom beauty gifts under $25.

I feel like $25 is really the sweet spot for me when gifting. I can find some great deals and values that make my gifts seem more expensive, but it’s not too extravagant on my wallet. Especially around the holidays when our gift lists keep growing. I’m a big fan of perceived value. Perception is everything. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The Nordstrom beauty gifts below are perfect for the girls in your life (moms, sisters, in-laws, besties), and as the title suggests… they are all under $25.

Nordstrom Beauty Gifts

Butter London Little Gems Nail Polish Collection – $24 ($48 value)
I am obsessed with the colors in this nail polish set. It has your neutrals and your holiday sparkles. I’ve been looking for the perfect stormy gray color, and this one looks awesome. You could also break up this set and use the polishes to build pamper packs for your friends to get more miles out of this value set. Or, keep them all for yourself. No judgment.

Winky Luxe Unicorn Set – $24 ($50 value)
This one is for the unicorn lover in your life. It is a trio of unicorn tears lipgloss, flower balm, and a strobing balm that all come in a cute little gold cosmetics bag. My favorite part of this set is the flower balm. It is a clear balm that reacts to the pH in your skin to create your perfect shade of pink. It also has an actual little flower in it, which is just awesome.

Philosophy Peppermint Stick Duo – $20
Nothing says Christmas to me like the scent of peppermint. This little peppermint gift set contains peppermint shampoo/body wash/bubble bath and peppermint lip shine. A peppermint stick bubble bath with some peppermint hot cocoa sounds like a pretty great way to relax during the holidays to me!

Danielle Creations Rose Gold Manicure Set -$20
Up next, we have one of my favorite items on this list. I am obsessed with rose gold, and this nail set doesn’t disappoint. I always travel with a manicure set. It is inevitable that I break a nail when I’m hundreds of miles away from home with not even a nail file in sight. This kit would be perfect for the traveler in your life, the one who loves having nice nails, and even the one who loves pretty things. Rose gold is life.

Makeup Eraser – $20
To be honest, I thought this was bologna when I first heard about it. How can a wash cloth type thing take off all of my makeup without soap or makeup remover? But it does! It really works! The makeup eraser is so soft and doesn’t hurt or irritate my skin at all. It takes off all of my makeup with no problem. Even stubborn mascara and eyeliner. I almost bought the pink one so I could actually see the makeup on the towel, but I ended up buying the black one because you just throw it in your laundry to wash it. And since almost everything I wear is black, it makes things easy.

Voluspa Scalloped Candle – $22
To be sure, Voluspa candles will always be on every list of my favorite things. They make my house smell so good, even without lighting them. I love these scalloped edged ones. They are classy and sophisticated and add a little glamour to my space. With notes of gilded holly berries, cardamom and Japanese hinoki, the scent Gilt Pomander & Hinoki smells like Christmas. It makes me wonder if every store I’ve ever been in burns one of these candles to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Lipstick Queen Mini Transformative Lip Trio – $25 ($36 value)
This Lipstick Queen set is for the chameleon in your life. It contains a trio of transforming lipsticks that are just oh so cool. Frog Prince is an amphibian green color that works with your pH to create your perfect shade of pink. Hello Sailor is a nautical blue that leaves a raspberry mauve tint. Mornin’ Sunshine is a bright yellow that changes to a peachy watermelon.

Deborah Lippmann Color on Glass Nail Color Set – $24 ($36 value)
As we’ve already discussed, I am obsessed with blush, rose gold, and burgundy. So there is no surprise this nail polish set ended up on this list. Even though there are only three colors in this set, the possibilities are endless. Ok you math wizards, they’re not really endless, but you know what I mean. I love neutral blush colors for every day, sparkly colors for the upcoming holiday parties, and burgundy tones for when I’m feeling feisty.

Sonoma Lavender Siberian Leopard Spa Mask – $22
Last but not least, I am leaving you with my favorite Nordstrom beauty gifts. This lavender scented faux-fur eye mask is so soft and indulgent. You can put it in the microwave or the freezer for either hot or cold relief. It helps encourage relaxation and can even provide relief and comfort from headache and sinus pain. In fact I love using eye masks after yoga to relax or even in bed before I fall asleep.

I hope these Nordstrom beauty gifts help inspire some ideas for the perfect presents for the ladies in your life. Happy gifting!


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