We all know hydration is important. “Drink eight 8oz glasses of water a day!” “Eat water-based foods like celery and watermelon!” The more water we drink, the more efficiently our bodies work. Hydration = healthy. Therefore, since your skin is the largest organ in your body, the same logic applies! Moisturizers are our first line of defense to combat signs of aging. Dry skin can look dull, flaky, and flat. On the contrary, healthy, hydrated skin is glowy, smooth, and plump.

If I could go back in time, I would tell my younger self to take better care of my skin. I know that’s totally cheesy and predictable, but it’s true. I used to live in a tanning bed, use tanning oil instead of sunscreen, and I don’t think I even bought a moisturizer until my late twenties. Now, as a thirty-something, my priorities have completely changed. I use moisturizers morning and night, and I wear sunscreen every day. Every. Day. Even when the most light I’m going to see throughout the day is from my computer screen.

Because hydrating my skin is so important to me, I am really picky about my skincare routine. I like products that smell good, don’t make my skin oily, and provide great results. Now that I’ve done the dirty work, I’m here to share my favorites with you!

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When I turned 30 I went to my dermatologist and asked about skincare routines and what I should be doing. (You can read more about what she said here.) A year later, I went for my annual skin check and I brought all of the skincare products I had purchased in the last year to get her advice. (If I was going to spend so much money on skincare, I was going to make sure I was at least doing a good job!) As she looked through the ingredients in my moisturizers, sunscreen, and eye creams, she got to my GlamGlow products and exclaimed “Wow! You could practically eat these!” (***DO NOT EAT YOUR SKINCARE PRODUCTS. THEY MAY BE LIKE FOOD FOR YOUR SKIN, BUT THEY ARE NOT FOR YOUR INSIDES!***)

So, not only did I feel great that I loved the products I had been using, but also that my Dr. felt they were good choices too. Validation is important sometimes.

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Daytime Moisturizer – GlamGlow Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer ($54)
This product has the coolest texture. In the container it is a solid. Once you scoop a bit out and rub it between your fingers and apply it to your skin, it melts and becomes more of a cream. I have very combination skin. It is somehow dry and oily at the same time. This moisturizer helps keep my skin soft, hydrated, and glowy, without ever being shiny. And it smells like an Orange Dreamsicle. It is so awesome.

Nordstrom currently has a holiday gift set for a full size GlamGlow Volcasmic Glow Moisturizer and two travel size versions of GlamGlow’s famous masks for $54 ($94 value). That basically means you’re getting two tubes of GlamGlow masks for free.

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Sunscreen – Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50 ($19)
Yep. You read that right. SPF 50. It is so hard to find high SPF products that are good for your skin and don’t turn you completely white. But this product is it! It doesn’t have a strong sunscreen smell or a weird texture. It is totally smooth and I have no problems wearing it under makeup. I had some doubts about using a brand called “Supergoop”, but despite the name, it is not goop nor is it weird. It is, however, super.

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Nighttime Moisturizer – GlamGlow DreamDuo ($59)
I’ll admit. I was a little leery of this product at first. Inside, the container holds two moisturizers. On one side, you have a pearl colored anti-aging serum. On the other, you have a gray lotion containing lots of good stuff like green algae. Both smell amazing. The same GlamGlow Orange Dreamsicle smell. First, you use the pearl serum. Then, you seal it in with the gray stuff. At this point in my night time routine, I end up with a bit of a Beauty and The Beast moment singing “Try the gray stuff! It’s delicious! Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!” And when you think about it, who wants smearing gray stuff all over your face to be the last part of their skincare routine? But seriously… this stuff works!

Nordstrom currently has a holiday gift set for this moisturizer as well. GlamGlow DreamDuo and two travel size GlamGlow masks for $59. It’s a $103 value!


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